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Cross-firing remedies

Ten rules for winning-A look at the initial five.

Chris Vendel, 2017 Hall of Fame inductee

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And the winners are . . .-TRAP & FIELD’s Rookies of the Year and All-Around Average Award winners for 2016.

Why do you miss?-Phil Kiner’s theory on the most common cause.

Quote of the month-“When you win something at the Grand, that’s a great honor, but great honors come every day, and sometimes the honor is just being there and competing. . . . You’re thankful you can still do that, because you never know. There are people who can’t do what we’re doing.”—Janice Rigler, 2017 All-American Lady II captain

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Quote of the month-“I hung out with some great people who happened to also be great shooters. The rest was practice, practice, practice, which was fun, fun, fun”—Drew Baxter, member of the YSSA Orange Crushers Diamond team (AIM Grand sub-junior champions), on how the group became a winning team

Quote of the month-“Don’t let it get in your head, and reset after every shot.”—Parker Hinson, junior champion in Preliminary Thursday’s handicap, on advice to other shooters

Quote of the month-“My goals were to shoot my best, try very hard to stay focused, have a good attitude, and to not let any bad scores bring me down.”—Hannah Simpson, Krieghoff Handicap Lady I champion

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Little things mean a lot -Bob Palmer suggests “sweating the small stuff.”

Quote of the month-“You get yourself into a clinic, and you’re going to hear something you already know, but you’re going to pick up a few tidbits that may get you another target or two.”—Timothy Hall Sr., Class A champion, Grand American Singles Class Championship

Quote of the month, part 2-“[Being nervous is] part of the game. Once you get into it and get your mental game, it can go well.”—Robert Randall Jr., Grand American Clever Ammunition Handicap champion

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Quote of the month-““It doesn’t matter if you’ve been shooting for just a few years or 30, everyone can have a good day or a bad day, and you never know if you’re in it or out. So believe in yourself, and don’t give up!”—Bryan Romanow, Grand American Handicap champion

Quote of the month(2)-“I’ve learned in past shootoffs that you just have to ride out that adreanaline rush, or it will eat you up.”—Jack Criner, Grand American Doubles champion

Quote of the month(3)-“You’ve got to believe you’re going to break every target. You’ve got to think you’re the best out there. You’ve got to believe in your heart you’re going to win. So you go out there and do your job, and in the end what happens, happens.”—Travis Iksic, Grand American All-Around champion

New Trapshooting Hall of Fame building’s Grand Opening

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Nature vs. nurture - How to improve your natural reaction to pressure.

Quote of the month-“You just have to work hard. I used to shoot really quick, and I mean really quick. Now I take a little longer to get there [to the target]—and I make sure I am there.”—David Riddle, on staying competitive while advancing in age

Short trips- Butch and Bev Dominacki visit Bi State in Illinois and Dubuque IWL in Iowa.

Harrison (OH) GC to host benefit shoot

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Harness your adrenaline - Make it work for you on the trapline, says Bob Palmer

Quote of the month, No. 1- “I was going to focus on each target and make sure I got it.”—Charles Priddy, Great Lakes Grand singles champion

Quote of the month, No. 2 - “Be patient. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, or you’ll lose the fun aspect.”—Tom Neal, Great Lakes Grand handicap champion

Quote of the month, No. 3 - “It helps when I hear [my dad] tell me that no one cares about my score but me, and if I miss one, forget it and keep going.”—Chase Slaughter, Nevada Co. Sportsmen handicap leader April 23 with 99

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Spotlight on AIM - "The best of" trapshooting, according to the Cedar Hill Smokin’ Guns group from Russellville, AL.

Bill Jacobsen Memorial- The club founder was honored and his legacy lives on at the Silver Dollar SC’s Jacobsen Memorial tournament.

Vendor profile - Dawson Enterprises’ wholesale and retail business thrives after nearly 40 years in operation.

Quotes of the month - "Ultimately, shooting clay targets allows young athletes to negotiate the ‘win-lose’ drama of life in a controlled and fun environment."—Bob Palmer

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Failure to fire clarifications - "Hapless Harry," ATA Executive Committee weigh in.

Betty Wrestler, 2016 Hall of Fame inductee

Arkansas G&FF SSC - The two-year-old club, built for the growing shooter population in the Land of Opportunity, is hosting the state and ATA Southwestern Zone shoots as well as numerous AIM competitions.

Quotes of the month - "You only get so many opportunities, and you have to make each one of them count"—Kyler Berens

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Have gun, will shoot - Ron Sutton advocates the one-gun-does-it-all approach.

Requirements for the 2017 All-American teams

Amerigo Pagliaroli, 2016 Hall of Fame inductee

Quotes of the month - "There is a reason for score in games. . . . It is an ego buster like no other. It is a kingmaker like no other. It is an absolutely essential tool to make your game better."—Bob Palmer, Own the Zone

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Don't be a chicken-herder - Success is going from A to Z, with a few steps in between, says Bob Palmer.

ATA Grand Slam shooters

Quotes of the month - "The ATA has been very good to me. It’s helped me grow from both a competitive and personal standpoint. Being around the great people in the ATA . . . has absolutely shaped my life." - Corbin Grybowski, 2016 junior All-American captain




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