Quote of the month, No. 1 – pg. 18
“Practice as much as you can, with a purpose or goal in each round. A strong emphasis on mechanics is vitally important and can help increase concentration and focus.”—Kelan Kinion, 2018 GAH champion, on advice to young and new shooters

Quote of the month, No. 2 – pg. 22
“ ‘Let’s go for 99,’ I thought. ‘A 100 is not for today. Let’s do a 99.’ ”—Summer Gobrecht on her thoughts while breaking the 99 in the GAH that secured her the 2018 Grand All-Around title

Quote of the month, No. 3 – pg. 25
“Work hard for every target because the one or two that you can fight for and hit on those [difficult] days may be the difference in the all-around or HOA.”—Pat Lamont, 2018 Grand HOA champion