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Atlantic Provinces

Hello from the Atlantic Provinces. Trapshooting here has slowed down as a lot of shooters switch their attention to upland and big-game hunting. APTA treasurer Doug Blades and dad Brian took a few days in October for their annual pheasant hunt in New Brunswick. Moose hunting in Newfoundland is very popular with resident and non-resident hunters alike. Herbie Nickerson (Nova Scotia) and Larry Kinden (New Brunswick) successfully harvested animals on Newfoundland’s west coast

Meanwhile, as I’m writing this in late October, my hunting group on Newfoundland’s east coast are still looking for an elusive moose. This year is proving to be more difficult than most, thanks in part to a couple of hurricanes that blew through eastern Newfoundland early in the season. The high winds have moved moose out of our hunting area and into harder-to-reach wooded areas. Poor weather has also limited good hunting days. Willow ptarmigan hunting is another favorite pastime of mine. The medium-size bird of the grouse family can be a challenge to hunt, but a fall day on the barrens with my dad and a couple of English setters is hard to beat.

Jamie LeBlanc, the Atlantic Provinces ATA Alternate Delegate, is the latest shooter to be featured in our website’s Shooter Profile section. Jamie recently returned to New Brunswick after spending a number of years in Ottawa. During his time in Ontario, Jamie served on the provincial trapshooting association board as secretary-treasurer. You can read all about Jamie in the Shooter Profile section of the Atlantic Provinces webpage

The host club and dates for the 2022 Canadian Trapshooting Championships have been finalized. The Calgary Firearms Centre in DeWinton, AB, just south of Calgary, will host the 2022 shoot June 29-July 3. Due to club daily operating time constraints, organizers are scheduling a five-day shoot with 200 targets per day. A warm-up shoot is scheduled for June 28. Club hours of operation vary from day to day, and shoot start times will be delayed for the practice and preliminary days. The 10-trap club is known for hosting great shoots, and organizers are looking forward to hosting the Canadian Championships for the first time since 2009. The club’s trap background is considered to be one of the finest in North America, with targets floating across a bright blue sky with no obstructions. Complete details are available on the Canadian Trapshooting Association webpage

For more information on the APTA, feel free to contact me or visit

Happy holidays, merry Christmas, and a happy New Year to all from your fellow ATA members in the Atlantic Provinces.

I can be reached at

Andrea Bassan

ATA Delegate

New Jersey

“Supply chain”: a new phrase for most of the country, and a new term for what trapshooters have been experiencing. When it comes to what we need to break targets, it seems we have had a “supply chain” issue going on for 18 months here in the United States. It is nothing new for an ammunition reloader like me, where the word “primer” may be removed from the Merrian-Webster Collegiate Dictionary since they are scarcer than hens’ teeth! Powder is also in short supply here in the Northeast. Flats of ammo are now broken down to boxes of ammo you can buy at a tournament and use during the event of the day. I look back fondly as to how many flats of shells, sleeves of primers, eight-pound canisters of my favorite powder, and bags of lead I could fit into my vehicle for my three-hour trip home from Elysburg. My next sentence will be a repeat of what I have been writing each month. I hope by the time you get to read this, the ammo-component “supply-chain” issue will have eased up by the new year.

The Dixie Grand was held in Bostic, NC, ending on Oct. 3. Only three shooters from the Garden State attended, and one trophy was won by Thomas Green Sr. It was reported to me that attendance was down, primarily due to limited ammo and lingering COVID issues.

NJSTA held their seventh President’s Shoot Oct. 9-10 at the Pine Belt SC in Shamong. George Petronis from the Gun Shop in Vincentown has donated flats of ammo for more than 20 years, and we thank him for that. The 200-bird singles event on Saturday was won by Robert Jarvis, Saturday’s handicap was won by Rangel Queiroz, Sunday’s doubles was won by Jarvis, and the handicap and singles were won by Jack Martin. All the winners can be found on our website

The Mallard TC in Monroe Township held their 11th annual Club Fun Shoot again this year; free Big Ed’s Barbeque was the main course during shooting. The wobble winner was Dan Fishman; Carlos Gomes, A; Chris Palmer, B; and Joe Clohessy, C. The doubles champion was Gomes; Fishman, A; Palmer, B; and Rangel Queiroz, C.

The North Jersey CTC in Fairfield held their annual Club Championship Oct. 17. In addition to free hot dogs and hamburgers cooked by Joe Restuccia et al., they also had a cake to celebrate the burning of the club’s mortgage, which occurred during the height of the pandemic last year. Due to the ammo shortage, the singles and handicap events were reduced to 50 birds each. The 2021 club champion was Dom Cerrato, runnerup was Craig Gasparine, the singles winner was Jack Godwin, and the handicap winner was Joe Sissano.

Ground Swiper’s in Forked River held their Halloween Shoot Oct. 23-24. As usual, free breakfast and lunch were included for all entries in the day’s events. Saturday’s 200-bird winner was Queiroz; Robert Long, A; Sissano, B; Pat Shulack Sr., C; Robert DeSalvo, D; and Caitlyn Barton, high lady. The doubles champion was Rick Batesko; Tony Pietrofitta, A; John Martin, B; Pat Shulack Jr., B runnerup; Jack Godwin, C; Bob Jarvis, C runnerup; Tripp McCombie, D; Long, D runnerup; and Barton, high lady. Handicap champion was Dan Fishman; Shulack, runnerup; John Kaltenbach, short-yardage; Bob Jarvis, mid-yardage; Tony Pietrofitta, long-yardage; and Barton, ladies’ winner.

I finally have some bittersweet news to report. Gene (Butch) Salomon Jr. and his wife Heather have taken over the running of the Howell TC in Farmingdale, after the passing of his dad back in June. I remember Butch going into the No. 2 traphouse with his boombox radio to set targets, while his sister was in the chair pulling and scoring during the registered shoots back in the 1980s. Butch and Heather have cleaned up the clubhouse, walkways on the trapline, painted all the yardage markings, and have all three traps fitted with Pat-Traps and Canterbury voice callers.

Butch and Heather are going to ease into returning to registered shooting after his dad, due to illness, had not thrown any registered targets in over a year at the club. They have been having Big 50s, and two shoots are scheduled for Dec. 12 and 19 for those interested in taking a drive down to shoot, see the changes that have taken place, and visit the store. Right now the store is open on Sundays from 1 to 4 p.m. and on Wednesdays from 4 to 7 p.m. plus by appointment. The store FFL is still honored by the state, and Butch has submitted the necessary paperwork to put the FFL in his name. The phone number for the store and club is 732-681-4994. Please go to their website for the hours of operation specifics.

The next time you are at your favorite gun club, remember to ask to get the date for their Christmas or holiday party or wine or ham shoot later this month, and have a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

If you have an idea for an article or a question, I can be reached at 732-546-7910 or by e-mail at

Joe Sissano

ATA Delegate

New York

Hello to everyone from New York. Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays. I hope everyone has a very happy and safe holiday season.

I am sorry to say that New York has lost another ATA shooter. Edward R. Terk, owner/operator of the Jefferson S&TC, has passed away. Ed started registering targets in 1969, and at the time of his passing, he was standing on the 19-yard line. Ed was on the Hall of Fame Committee for the New York State ATA for many years. During his career, Ed registered 63,975 singles, 38,925 handicap and 21,550 targets. Our deepest sympathies to Ed’s wife Carol and his entire family on his passing. Ed will be missed.

Congratulations must be given to the seven New Yorkers who made the 2022 All-American teams. Michael Fox Jr. is on the open first team; Heidi Womer, Lady I second; Marilyn Lehrfeld, Lady II second; Urban Womer and James Flint, sub-vet second; and Bob Edwards and Don Alderson, veteran second. Great going and good shooting by these fine New York shooters.

Some milestones were achieved just recently by some New York shooters. Former New York State ATA president Keith Welch joined the prestigious 500,000-target club during the 2021 Northeastern Grand American. Welch joined the the club shooting the championship doubles. Jack McIlroy has registered his 25,000th handicap target; Keith Miranda, 50,000 handicap; Jim Flint, 75,000 handicap; Ronald Atkinson, 25,000 singles; and Jon Daskavitz, 25,000 doubles. Great going by all.

Some statistics for you: New York State as a whole registered 2,081,450 targets in 2021. Singles were 1,034,150 plus 81,875 league. Handicap was 594,625, and doubles was 344,950 plus 25,850 league.

The homegrounds of the New York State ATA at Cicero threw 761,950 registered targets in 2021. High clubs in New York State for targets thrown: first, Peconic River SC, 85,525; second, Whortlekill R&GC, 64,675; third, Pompey R&GC, 58,900; fourth, Maidstone GC, 48,000; and fifth, Allied SC, 46,950. Good going by these excellent clubs.

During target year 2021, ATA targets thrown were 53,227,666. Pennsylvania led the way with 4,280,971. In second place was Ohio with 3,605,471. In third place was Illinois (which includes the Grand American World Championships and the U.S. Open) with 3,063,295. In fourth place was Iowa with 2,458,450. Finally, rounding out the top five was New York State with 2,081,450. These are great results, especially with the COVID-19 pandemic and the shortage of shotgun shells.

If anyone would like to have something written in one of these articles, please contact me at or phone me at 585-519-9543. Please stay healthy, safe, and in good spirits. Please be strong. May God bless you all.

Dave Cichelli

ATA Delegate


Greetings from Ontario, Canada.

Good news! Finally the U.S. is opening its border for Canadians to travel by land to the U.S. At the time of this writing, it is projected for about Nov. 7, 2021. That should enable snowbirds to travel to places like Florida and Arizona for the winter months.

Most of the trapshooting competitions in the east have already taken place, such as the Northeastern Grand in New York and the Dixie Grand in Bostic, NC. January/February 2022 competitions in Florida appear to be doable. Traveling to competitions by air is also doable, but as one of my previous articles illustrated, there are a lot of problems and issues.

Ontario shooters want to compete in the States. Save us some ammo and save us some squad spots. We hope to be there shortly.

Have a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Paul Shaw

ATA Past President


It’s hard to believe that the 2021 calendar year is nearing an end, but here we are in December. The 2022 All-American teams have been announced, and Pennsylvania has 20 shooters representing our state, including two team captains. Deborah Ohye-Neilson earned the top spot on the Lady II team, and Chris Vendel earned the captaincy of the sub-vet team. Congratulations to both for a fantastic 2021 shooting season.

Also earning All-American honors were Ian Darroch, open first; Donald Schaffer Jr., open second; Caitline Bonser, Lady I second; Joseph Breck IV, sub-junior first; Nicholas Wertz, junior first; Cooper Nystrom and Clare Schaffer, junior second; Wesley Beaver, junior gold first; Ron Ostrowski Jr., Tyler Hasbrouck, Evan Wirth and Jacob Bonser, junior gold second; Kenneth Darroch, sub-veteran first; Donald Neilson Jr., sub-veteran second; Frank Pascoe and Joel Etchen, veteran first; Sheldon Hostetter, senior vet second; and William Ross, chairshooter. A superb year of shooting by all shooters! Congratulations to all of our PA representatives on the All-American team!

The 2022 Pennsylvania state teams have also been finalized, along with the high-average winners. The 2021 high-average awards were earned by Brandon Deal for singles with .9883; Ian Darroch, handicap, .9461; and Wesley Beaver, doubles, .9613. Ohye-Neilson swept the high averages for the ladies with .9798, singles; .9015, handicap; and .9421, doubles. Congratulations to the above shooters for year-long consistency!

Team captain spots were earned by Ian Darroch (12th year for a team slot), open team, .9633 combined average; Nicholas Wertz (three), junior/sub-junior, .9438; Ohye-Neilson (nine), Lady I/II with .9411; Joel Etchen (29), veteran, .9383; and Curtis Paul (four), senior vet, .9222. Congratulations to our 2022 captains. Other members of the 2022 state teams:

Open first—Chris Vendel (four), Wesley Beaver (12), Cody Davis (17), Brandon Deal (10), Donald Schaffer Jr. (15), Kory Shissler, Ben Shope (two), Ken Darroch (31), Jared Hanna (2). Open second—Matt Rebuck (two), Ben Snyder, James Johnston, Tyler Hasbrouck, Doug Worrell (six), Don Neilson (20), John Lavrich, Steven Miller (eight), Ron Ostrowski Jr., J. T. Spangler. Lady I/II—Bethany Breighner (10), Katelynn Decker, Robyn Bird (nine), Stephanie Wrisley (five), Caitline Bonser, Diane Arner (14), Taylor Hanson (two), Diana Kuestner, Donna Natcher (24), Mary Schaffer, Marcy Plunkett (six), Susan Owens (11), Kim Bateman (17), Criona Doorly (four). Junior/sub-junior—Cooper Nystrom, Jaxon Grey, Clare Schaffer (three), Jarod Ossman (three), Joseph Breck IV (four), Kurt Willman (four), Wyatt Readler, Iver Gustafson II (two), Austin Unverdorben (two). Veteran—Frank Pascoe (30), Jerome Stefkovich (eight), Scott Holdren (three), Randy Krick (four), John Manetta, Tom Lonczynski (three), Edward Bayer, William Ross, Phil Boland, Phil Boinske (14), George Ainsworth (two), Patrick Monaghan. Senior vet—Larry Shade (15), Sheldon Hostetter (27), Steven Fitch (13), Rich Stefanacci (five), Joe Mizikowski (three), Rich Long (four), Jack Jabs (nine), Luigi Liberato, Clayton Hoffman (five), Richard Mills (three), Richard Shaffer (two), Richard Shuman (two), Bert Schoonover (six), Richard Baker. Congratulations to all our 2022 PA state team members!

We had 17 shooters attend the Dixie Grand in North Carolina recently, and 11 of them carted home 41 trophies. Leading our contingent was Ohye-Neilson (13) and Wesley Beaver (five), with both earning category HAA and Debbie also capturing category HOA. Our other Pennsylvania winners were Don Neilson Jr. (four), Don Feeg (two), Frank Pascoe (four), Randy Parson (four), Cathy Parson (two), Sheldon Hostetter, Tony Nunes (three), Randy Krick (two) and Tyler Nunes. Congratulations to all our shooters winning awards!

With regret, I have to report on the passing of John Brown from Doylestown. John started shooting registered targets in 1971 and shot regularly at PSSA and many of the local clubs in southeast PA and New Jersey. Always pleasant and willing to offer help, John will be missed by many of us. Condolences go out to the family and friends of John.

Steve Ross

ATA Alternate Delegate

Rhode Island

Fall has arrived here in southern New England, and it’s time to look back on the 2021 shooting season and look forward to 2022. On Oct. 23 the Rhode Island Trapshooting Association held our annual banquet, Hall of Fame induction ceremony and election of officers. An evening of great food, catching up with friends and fun was had by all.

I would like to recognize the Rhode Island trapshooters who were named to the ATA All-American teams for 2022, including Sue Smith, Joyce Morris, Greg Smith and John Federici. Congratulations and great shooting to all.

During the 2021 target year we had several RI shooters who attained milestones in their shooting careers. Past ATA President Wayne Morris shot at his 100K handicap and 75K doubles targets. Wayne’s wife and past RITA president Joyce Morris attained the 100K singles award. Mike Jubin, past RITA president, was awarded his 100K target combined pin. Dr. Lee Mannarelli, 2021 RITA HOF inductee, passed 25K singles, and Louis DiPrete shot his 75K handicap target.

The Executive Committee for 2022 includes president, Mike Jaye; first VP, Dana Greatorex; second VP, John Ruggieri; secretary-treasurer, Barbara Jaye; and past president, Joyce Morris. Elected board of directors are Greg Smith, Mike Jubin, John Shadoian, Dave Naylor and Rick Reibe. The Hall of Fame Committee includes Ken Hopkins, John Federici and Greg Smith. Thank you all for your help and support.

Members of the 2022 Rhode Island state team:

First team—captain John Federici, .9207; Greg Smith, .9199; John M. Ruggieri, .9170; Louis DiPrete, .8869; John Shadoian, .8827. Second team—Sue Smith, .8821; Rick Reibe, .8761; Dana Greatorex, .8769; Mike Jubin, .8725; Dave Naylor, .8702.

Our high-average award winners for the 2021 season: singles, Greg Smith, .9723; handicap, Dana Greatorex, .8858; doubles, John M. Ruggieri, .9247; and high all-around, John Federici, .9207. Ladies’ high-average award honors go to Sue Smith, singles, .9539; doubles, .8710; high all-around, .8821. High ladies’ handicap honors go to Linda Peckham with .8813. Congratulations, and well done by all.

Our 2021 Hall of Fame inductee is Dr. Lee Mannarelli of North Providence. Mannarelli comes from a trapshooting family and was introduced to the outdoors and shooting sports as a young boy by his dad Lenny. From the age of 10, Lee enjoyed hunting upland game and clay-target shooting with his dad and brother Michael. Starting in 1977 up to the present, Dr. Mannarelli has won eight singles, three handicap, five doubles and eight all-around RI state championships, along with many other class, category and non-resident titles throughout his ATA career. Mannarelli has been a dedicated MD for more than four decades and is beloved by his many patients for his caring, compassion and thoughtfulness. The members of the Rhode Island Trapshooting Association congratulate and welcome Mannarelli to the Rhode Island Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

The RI State Shoot is scheduled for June 3-5 at Wallum Lake R&GC, Harrisville. Please visit our website at for listings of 2022 shoot dates in Rhode Island.

Louis K. DiPrete

ATA Delegate


On Oct. 23-24, the third annual Fred Jensen Memorial Rebel Yell was held at the Dixie GC in Mathews. There were more than 95 shooters, and it was a beautiful weekend for shooting. Check out T&F for all of the scores.

As I write this article, Christmas is two months away. I hope everyone gets everything they wished for (shells, powder, wads, shells, primers, shotguns, shells, shot, reloader, shells, etc.).

Everyone have a merry Christmas, but don’t forget the true meaning of Christmas!

Joke of the month:

Operator: 911, what’s your emergency?

Man: A guy just got hit by a car. I need an ambulance.

Operator: What’s your location?

Man: I’m on Eucalyptus Street.

Operator: Can you spell that for me?

Man: (long awkward pause)

Operator: Sir, are you there?

Man: I’m just gonna drag him over to Pine Street and call you right back.

Word of the month: Catawampus. Describes something that’s askew, awry or diagonal. “We tried setting it up straight, but it ended up catawampus.”

Please keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers. Without the men and women of our armed forces protecting this country, we would not be able to enjoy this great sport. When you see a soldier, thank them for their service.

If you need my help or have news to report, contact me at

Wayne Sartwell

ATA Delegate


Compared to last year, this has been a very active trapshooting fall. This report starts with the Missouri Fall Handicap, where 26 Kentucky trapshooters competed. Keith Ditto led the field in HOA and was runnerup in HAA. Jarrod Everly was HAA winner in A class. Richard Langdon entered a pair of 98s for sub-vet prizes.

Next came the Dixie Grand at the North Carolina Homegrounds at Bostic. Eighteen Kentucky trapshooters participated, with Herbert Lewis winning the HOA with 935. Kevin (Tank) Polson was sub-vet runnerup in the HOA with 935, and Robert Dyer took home senior vet runnerup. Tank was also HAA runnerup with 384, and David Elder was the A class HAA winner. Lewis was the winner in the championship singles on Saturday with 200.

The ATA announced this month the 2021 All-American teams, with the following achieving these admirable distinctions. Ditto, last year’s open team captain, is this year’s runnerup behind captain Richard Marshall Jr. Robert Dyer is the senior veteran team captain. Melissa Tracy Marr is a Lady I second team member. Martha Humphrey is a Lady II first team member. Drake Reynolds and Jack Holland made this year’s sub-junior first team. Polson is a member of the sub-vet first team. Joe Neyer is a member of the veteran second team, and Bobby Bilbrey is a member of the chairshooter team.

The high school trap fall season concludes this week, with powerhouse Jessamine County leading and McCracken County a close second. Calloway County is in third place in the eight-team field. There has been several good-size FFA and AIM shoots in recent weeks. Keep up the good work, everyone.

The KTL board and officers met last Saturday at the Cave City GC and made plans for a bigger and better Kentucky State Shoot next year.

Hopefully everyone is shooting in a fall league at your local club. If you have news and/or results you want to pass on to the Kentucky trapshooting family, please let me know at Until next month, I hope everyone stays healthy and continues to smoke lots of targets.

Vernon Anderson

KTL Board Member


Yes, Christmas is upon us, and our attention turns to Christmas festivities, presents, family and friends, and the birth of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. It doesn’t seem there is much room for our sport, but I’m sure we trappers will find a way to get some trap in there one way or another. Here in Mississippi we manage to get some trapshooting done, despite cold and dreary weather. Our two main trapshooting venues operate year-round, and weather may slow us down a bit but rarely shuts us down for more than a few days at most. All this is to say that, if cold winter weather shuts down your favorite club, just pack your trusty trap gun and come on down to shoot with us. Both Capitol GC in Jackson and Coast R&PC on the Mississippi Gulf Coast offer winter trapshoots ranging from weekly Big 50s to monthly one-day shoots. Just come on down and get a taste of good old Southern hospitality and trapshooting as good as anywhere.

I would be remiss if I did not report on Coast R&PC’s recently held Fall Classic. The boys down there on the coast know how to put on a good trapshoot. It was four days and 1,000 targets held under beautiful skies and pleasant fall temperatures—could have done with a little less wind, but it was manageable as the good shooters always prove with their 99s and 100s. There was plenty of good food at no charge, featuring continental breakfasts and sit-down-at-the-table lunches daily. At the close of the shooting day, there were any number of fine seafood restaurants and plenty of housing in a broad spectrum of cost—just pick your price range and get set to enjoy. Again, I cannot say enough good things about our trapper buddies down on the Coast—a big job, well done. I need to say a special thanks to our Cajun brethren and ’Bama buddies, along with our Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi shooters who attended and made the Fall Classic the successful trapshoot it was.

To all our friends in this wonderful trapshooting community that we all know and love, merry Christmas and a happy New Year, and as always, happy trappin’!

Jerry Tharp

ATA Delegate

South Carolina

This is one of the good news-bad news reports.

Let’s start with the good news. The Dixie Grand was great. The weather was outstanding: a little cool in the mornings then sunny, warm days. The last day was the exception; it was a foggy morning that delayed the start by a little over an hour waiting for it to burn off. The following week was five days of rain, so we were very fortunate.

South Carolina had the second-most shooters in attendance. Quite a few trophies came back to SC.

The bad news part is really bad news. Scott Pace, a Spartanburg shooter, passed away at age 52. COVID-19 is listed as the cause. Scott was a big part of the volunteer help at Spartanburg GC. He was our former AIM director and had just been elected to our state board as upstate director. Scott and his sons took care of loading targets in the traphouses during the state shoot. He also was extra help at monthly shoots, especially scoring doubles. Scott will be sorely missed because of his friendly attitude as well as his helpfulness. RIP, Scott.

The ammo shortage has certainly affected our sport. Several clubs have gone to Big 50s in place of a 300-bird day. There are slight hints of improvement in the supply of ammo and reloading components. Hang in there; there is hope.

I’m happy to report Greenville GC is back open after an extended upgrade. A professional rewiring of the trap and skeet fields with buried conduit was a big part. It’s great to get back to our Wednesday afternoon practice.

No big shoots in our area till the Florida shoots next year, so support your local shoots and have a great Thanksgiving.

Jim Faber

ATA Delegate


I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and happy New Year.

It is time to announce the 2022 all-state team, based on scores for the 2021 season. A couple of years ago the BOD voted to award the 10 highest composite average leaders to the state team, no matter which category the shooter declared. Team members include Robert Smith, .9599; Mitchel Loveless, .9554; Caleb Clayton, .9479; Tyler Honnold, .9454; Colby Lancaster, .9428; Jacob Duren, .9416; Donald Smith, .9394; Isaac Sharp, .9352; Emma Mathews, .9344; Richie Bolin, .9341.

The BOD also voted to award the high composite average per category. For example, three to seven shooters equals one award and eight to 14 shooters equals two awards.

Open—Shannon Hopkins, .9029; Lady I, Brooke Barnett, .9253; Lady II, Tricia Yocum, .8119; sub-junior 1—Riley Bellomy, .9281; sub-junior 2, Brady Duren, .9176; junior 1, Lucas Davis, .9327; junior 2, Brayden Morris, .9318; junior 3, Zachary Emmons, .9310; junior gold, Dillon Tosh, .9524; sub-vet 1, Barry Allen, .9319; sub-vet 2, Michael Burnette, .9290; veteran, George Reese Jr., .9246; senior vet 1, George Reese, .9146; senior vet 2, Walter Kern, .9040.

Caleb Clayton, Tyler Honnold, Jacob Duren, Isaac Sharp, Emma Mathews, Brooke Barnett, Riley Bellomy, Brady Duren, Lucas Davis, Brayden Morris, Michael Burnette, George Reese Jr. and George Reese earned spots on the All-American teams in addition to Colton Phillips, .8972, and Gregory Yocum, .9228. All will be recognized as well as receive an award.

Fifteen Tennesseans making the All-American team is the most that I ever remember.

Also Jacob Duren, Isaac Sharp, Lucas Davis and Brayden Morris all earned their AA-27-AA pins this target year.

Tennessee shooters did well at the recent Dixie Grand. Those winning trophies were Mike Burnette, Tyler Honnold, Jacob Duren, Emma Mathews, George Reese, Tim Fields, Ralph Dudley, Lucas Davis, Randy Davis, Frank Perry, Maynard Brooks, Edward Allen, William Sharp, Kristen Duren, George Reese Jr. and Brady Duren.

While at the Dixie Grand, Mike Burnette registered his 250,000th target, becoming only the 18th Tennesseean to register a quarter million targets.

Read the new rulebook, please.

For more info, check out our website You can reach me at

Billy Cook

ATA Southern Zone Vice President


Congratulations to Steve Mathis on his 50K singles target attainment. Thanks for supporting the ATA and being a great role model in trapshooting.

I would like to thank all the SW Zone Delegates for their help whenever I have a question/problem. And it’s always a pleasure to see everyone in person at the Grand.

Shooting will be picking up in Arkansas soon. Once January gets here, everyone seems to get into trapshooting mode. Be sure to check out our website for the latest shoots around the state. It’s always good to go over the rules and make sure you know the latest information.

I hope everyone has a merry Christmas and happy New Year! I look forward to seeing everyone out on the field.

James 1:19 KJV—Wherefore, my beloved brethren, let every man be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath.

Robby Pennock

ATA Delegate

New Mexico

ATA is quiet this time of year. The shooting continued strong for October in New Mexico. Roadrunner TC’s annual shoot had a small turnout but was very welcoming. Roadrunner received a Gun Club Fund award and is beginning to repair the aftermath of Mother Nature.

The Hobbs annual shoot in October had a great turnout. A funny story came about that day. During the singles event on Sunday, my eyes picked up movement on the ground. A squirrel moment. Lo and behold, a large black tarantula was heading my way from 10 feet away. No, I do not have a fear of spiders. The tarantula would cease travel and then get closer with every shot. I was on Post 1 and eventually the furry friend was at the edge of the concrete just inches from my left shoe. So it is my shot again. I mounted my gun, trying to focus my attention away from the furry little creature. I called, “Pull” and yes, it was a lost target. I immediately looked down and my friend was nowhere to be found. The spider stopped directing between my heels. I must admit I was a little relieved I did not find the furry friend on my leg. At the change I took the end of my barrel and scooted it out of the way as it was rearing up at me with discontent. That furry friend did provide quite a bit of entertainment for all as it headed to the spectators. Its never boring shooting in New Mexico.

           Samantha Rainsdon

           ATA Delegate


Oklahoma celebrated National Trapshooting Month with a two-day event at OTSA. Preliminary Saturday was a sunny day with extremely strong southwest winds dominating the conversation. Nathan Lemke’s persistence paid off, and he won the preliminary singles with 98. Ten AIM juniors and sub-juniors shot the Preliminary Singles as part of the AIM program. Reece Hightower was high junior, shooting 95, and Dason Harman was the high sub-junior with 72.

Strong winds continued to challenge everyone during the preliminary handicap. Justin Freas won champion with 95, earning a half-yard punch. Aiden Wood (junior) took short-yardage with 93, while Paul Hooper (senior vet) claimed mid-yardage with 92.

Eight determined individuals shot doubles to conclude Day 1. Nathan Lemke broke 87 to win the event. The weather on Sunday did not improve much. Lemke shot a 99 to win the singles. Hooper broke 95 in handicap for the win and a punch. Doubles finished the day with Ron Bliss (vet) breaking 94.

A huge shout-out to Aiden Wood for shooting his first 25 straight from the 20-yard line during the National Trap Month program at OTSA. Congratulations!

Shout-out to George Wise, who shot his 50,000th singles target. George traveled to Ohio to shoot with his brother, where his trapshooting career started all those years ago. Trapshooting is a great sport, allowing families and friends to stay connected for these special moments.

Oklahomans, if you have any shooting news (new shooters, club improvements), accomplishments (100 straights, 50 straights), milestones (100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 target achievements), and/or shoot scores, including singles, handicap and doubles winners, please send them to me. You can reach me by cell at 405-694-1790, e-mail or mail 15817 Harts Mill Rd., Edmond, OK 73013.

Kevin Nanke

ATA Delegate


I just returned from the Zone II Shoot in El Paso. The people there work their tails off to put on the tournament. The best way to describe it is “Great shoot, great friends and great food.” Thanks to all who help put on the shoot.

By the time you read this, shooting will be at a near standstill here in the Panhandle. Please join our friends farther south and keep shooting this winter.

I will continue to ask you to read the Rulebook. It’s important that you know the rules. Don’t depend on someone else on the firing line to cost you targets because you don’t know the rules yourself. Speaking of the Rulebook (I guess I should say, writing about the Rulebook), the new books are now available. I try to always have the new books with me. You can call the ATA office and ask them to mail you a new book, or you can also print it from the ATA website at

I have no news because no one called and gave me any. Please, if you have news, call me or Princess and let us know about it. I would love to include it in my article.

This article will be in the December issue of Trap & Field, so let me wish each of you a blessed and merry Christmas. Please take a minute to say a prayer for our first responders, our military men and women, and for this great nation we call home.

You can reach me at 806-679-6889 or e-mail me at

Til next time, y’all shoot well, y’all shoot often, and y’all have a great time.

Jerry O’Connor

ATA Delegate


I took a quick gander at the Old Farmer’s Almanac, and here is what they say: Prepare for a “Season of Shivers. This coming winter weather could well be one of the longest and coldest that we have seen in years.” One area, however, was listed as mild and dry, and guess who is right in the middle? Yup, you got it—Arizona.

Perhaps that is the reason that the Grand Canyon State is the place of choice when the winds up north start howling and everything is white, or maybe it’s our world-class facilities, friendly people and 94 days of registered shooting November through March. Included in that is our Hall of Fame Classic Jan. 12-16 at Ben Avery in Phoenix. It celebrates the folks who have made Arizona trapshooting such a success. I would love to tell you this year’s honorees, but I don’t know; it is still a secret. What I can tell you is that the average temperature in Phoenix during that period is 68°, and every year the Hall of Fame Classic becomes more popular. So don’t get caught in the “Season of Shivers”; come on down and thaw out.

The Arizona Chain starts right after Christmas at Casa Grande and ends with our state shoot in mid-March at Ben Avery. The Chain alternates locations among Tucson, Casa Grande and Ben Avery; in short, right up and down I-17. Plus if you would like to OD on winter shooting, clubs such as Cochise, Double Adobe, Lake Havasu and Tri-State are also very active.

Then there is the crown jewel of winter trapshooting, the Spring Grand American at Tucson. There is no better way to get rid of the winter blues. Tucson has it all: 50 traps, a super background that goes on for miles, plenty of parking, great vendors, ammunition (reasonably priced, too), professional management, lots of old friends (welcome back to our Canadian cousins), and it’s guaranteed to be warmer than points up north. For many, the Spring Grand and the Grand American are the cornerstones of the shooting year.

You might also want to tuck away March 15-20 for the Arizona State Shoot at Ben Avery. The weather is usually perfect, and Arizona Game and Fish, along with the ASTA, have completed a number of upgrades. This is a popular time of year in the Phoenix area with spring training et al., so make your hotel and RV reservations early.

Smoke and chips: Cherel and Vickie of 2 Lazy 2 have done a super job of revving up registered shooting at Ben Avery. More and more events are taking place at this great facility. Their latest was the “Last Call Till Fall, Y’all” Oct. 9-10. Greg Holden’s 99 was high gun in the opening singles, earning him the senior veteran crown. Mark Lacey, who is back in the swing of things, topped all vets at 98, and Ken Mlynarz and Don Williamson tied for A class with 98s also. Steve Smoot won B with another 98. Now here is a name to watch, junior Gabriella Romera was just one behind at 97.

Jim Sharp, no stranger to the winner’s circle, topped the field with 97 in the ’caps while shooting from the 27, and Darryl Garber was right on Jim’s heels at 96, taking the sub-vet title. Don Williamson was the high open shooter with 95, and just behind was Gabriella. In case you have not noticed, Arizona is producing some great lady juniors.

Doubles closed things out for Saturday, and Orrin Johnson’s 96 led the field. Right behind were Jim Sharp and Richard Goerlich. Jim won A class and Dick sub-vet. It was doubles again at Sunday’s start with Joe Henderson and Ken Mlynarz tied at 94. Roger Coveleskie, who has shot a doubles target or two, trailed by one. Then came the singles, and Michael Colistro and Greg Spiczka beat all, winning veteran and sub-veteran, respectively. Joe Henderson won senior veteran and Larry Kennon C. The handicap was the shoot’s last event and ended with Greg Spiczka at the top. Ray Easler was the high senior veteran, edging Bob Mlynarz by one bird.

In the western part of our state, Robbie Love has done wonders at Tri-State. His shoots are becoming more and more popular. Oct. 17 was a Big 50s day with a nice turnout. Singles started things off, and three shooters finished with 49s: Larry Adams was tops in senior vet, Robbie Love took veteran, and Chris Cusumano won A. Isabella Ricci, another one of our up-and-coming junior gals, and Kevin Allen tied for Class C at 48. Next up was the ’caps, and senior veteran Ron Kehoe beat the field with 48. Robbie won veteran, and Chris C. took long-yardage. Terry Barkell, a Montana shooter, bested all in the doubles, followed by Larry Adams, Chris, Robbie and Isabella.

Around the state: Last month we were cruising in fourth, now we are in overdrive with the turbo ready to kick in. Cochise has a one-day shoot Dec. 14; Tucson’s Holiday Festival is Dec. 18-19; Casa Grande gets the Arizona Chain going Dec. 29-Jan. 3 (New Year’s Eve there is something special). Lake Havasu holds Big 50s Jan. 2, and then comes Tucson’s Fun in the Sun Shoot Jan. 4-9. Double Adobe has a two-day shoot Jan. 8-9, and there are Big 50s at Tri-State Jan. 9. The 2022 Hall of Fame Classic at Ben Avery is Jan. 12-16. Don’t forget Big 50s at Casa Grande every Monday and Rio Salado’s singles marathons on the first Thursday of every month as well as doubles marathons on the third Thursday.

That’s just up to Jan. 16; stay tuned next month for more. See you on the line.

John Bergman

ATA Delegate

New Zealand

Unfortunately New Zealand’s North Island is in various stages of government-mandated lockdown, so we have had to cancel a number of our shoots, including our provincial/state championships that were scheduled for Oct. 21-22.

The Christchurch club in the South Island is currently still able to hold events at the Canterbury CTC, perhaps the premier facility on the South Island.

On a bright note, the Patangata CTC last year decided to become registered to throw ATA events. It’s a small club with only two fields, but thanks to Ross Williams and the club committee who are not just “gunna do it” talkers, they do it and decided to purchase another Pat-Trap. The club’s attitude is they want to throw the best possible targets. Pat-Traps make this job a lot easier.

The club is located in a very scenic part of the Hawkes Bay in the central North Island. When our borders reopen, this facility is well worth putting on your list for any visiting shooters with a lot of interesting places to visit in the Hawkes Bay, including world-class vineyards, dining and scenic attractions.

For anyone traveling from Auckland, which is one of the main International airports on the North Island, you can also visit the Taupo club, and thanks to Ron Thomassen, who also privately purchased and installed a Pat-Trap for the club. Taupo is situated close by Lake Taupo, offering world-class trout fishing as well as a range of outdoor activities. Taupo is a great hospitality town offering plenty of variety and accommodation for all interests.

The only issue is when our borders might open to international travel again, and we can all enjoy it.

That’s it for this month’s shooting/travel tips. Good shooting and take care.

I can be reached at

Paul Basten

ATA Delegate


We have arrived at the time of year when there isn’t a lot to report on. Ogden held a one-day shoot in mid October. Weather was pleasant, and the turnout was good. While there, I was able to snap a photo of Tye and Daxton Cook, father and son who both recently made it to the back fence. Just entering their second ATA year, this is quite a feat. Father Tye made the milestone at Vernal’s September shoot; son Daxton, who is a sub-junior, did it a few weeks later at Overthrust GC in Evanston, WY. Early in their shooting careers, Daxton was outshooting his father. Dax would smile when I asked about who was doing better. But alas, in the end, father surpassed son and won the race to the fence. They both smile when asked about the friendly competition. The two are always on the same squad and manage to get to most of the local shoots.

Next on the slate was the Nevada State Shoot. Clark Co. GC in Las Vegas is a top-notch shooting facility. The grounds are always immaculate, and the state association runs a fantastic shoot. As seems to be the case in previous state shoots held there, the weather is nice early on, but on the weekend, especially Sunday, Mother Nature tires of being nice. She unleashes the winds with a vengeance. Although this year wasn’t as windy as previous years, it was strong enough to put a damper on the scores. Utah had 31 shooters in attendance. Many of whom brought home some nice trophies.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that resident shooter Rich Bullard won all five championships. Nice shooting, Rich.

The Clark Co. GC, which is managed by All-American and Trapshooting Hall of Famer Steve Carmichael, features virtually all shooting sports. Steve recently finished a book about his and his friends’ shooting careers: Blowin’ Smoke. John Hall was on hand with Steve to have a book signing. Dan Bonillas was scheduled to be there as well but was not able to attend. For those of you who haven’t heard of Steve, John or Dan, you should look them up on the Internet. Many shooters used to carry their guns in the John Hall Gun Case. Some still do. Besides being a great shot, John was in the plastic injection molding business. He produced cases for many years, I have owned two of them.

Now on to some useless trivia (maybe this can become a monthly feature). In the late 1980s or early 1990s, I would occasionally squad with a gentleman by the name of Danny Talbot. Something about him seemed so familiar. I had had a psychology teacher in high school by the name of Talbot, but I thought this couldn’t be him. One Saturday evening during the middle of a two-day shoot at the Salt Lake GC, I pulled out my high school yearbook, and there was Danny!

The next day I hunted Danny up and told him of my discovery. He smiled and said, “I thought I knew you from somewhere.”

I mention this because Danny moved several times after that, and he and wife Becky finally ended up in Las Vegas. He was just elected to the Nevada State Association’s Board of Directors. I visit with him every time I see him. He always has that big, broad smile.

One other piece of useless trivia, yours truly shot at and broke his 400,000th ATA target while in Nevada. That’s a lot of money out the end of the gun!

           Ed Wehking

           ATA Delegate


It’s hard to believe another holiday season and New Year is almost upon us. Is it just me wondering where another year has gone? My grandmother told me the older I get the shorter the years would seem. She was right. I hope some of those heavy boxes under your tree are flats of target loads for upcoming shoots in the spring and summer of 2022.

As I write, we are preparing for the fall WSTA directors meeting. I hope to have a shoot schedule and 2021 high-average team announcements for you to start 2022. We will have a good number of shoots here in Washington. There will be, however, some gaps left, as the Spokane GC will not be up and running for ATA action yet. So if your club wants to host a registered shoot or Big 50 events or add shoots to your repertoire, please contact Bruce Skelton to schedule such happenings. Shoots can be added after our annual fall board meeting, so don’t be afraid to contribute to the fun at your club and in turn support the WSTA.

I hope to make some shoots at clubs here in the Evergreen State that I’ve missed in the last couple of years. This brings to mind a challenge, for lack of better words. Is there a club you haven’t been to recently or clubs you haven’t enjoyed registered competition at in Washington? If so, I think marking your calendar for a new experience is a great idea. All of our clubs work hard to put these on, and they are always fun. Maybe there is something you can do to help also while you are there. Each shoot can always use a volunteer to help score, set targets or do whatever is needed to help keep things moving. Sometimes we can gain good insights that can help when throwing targets at our home clubs.

Our Delegate Roger Clouse may have a report of any rule changes or other newsworthy ATA information, so stay tuned and don’t forget to take a look at the 2022 Rulebook. One thing I would like to point out when it comes to this is checking at the end of each day’s clay busting to see if your handicap score earned you a punch closer to the back fence. Sometimes a score you don’t think is so great might just be a winner! You’ll want to make sure you are standing at the right spot on Sunday after some good shooting on Saturday. Likewise, please check to see if you’ve been given a reduction. Watching for this, as well as keeping your average card up to date, will ensure you are classified correctly in singles and doubles and shooting the right yardage during your handicap efforts. If you are shooting on consecutive weekends, your average card may not be updated yet if you are checking online. Also, as I mention every year, it can save time if you pay dues online before your first shoot in case you haven’t registered any birds in the current target year. This will save a lot of time for cashiers and shoot management.

Until we see each other on the line, let’s all get ready for a great season in 2022. Bring a new shooter with you.

Shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Sean Lewis

WSTA Director


With October coming to an end, so is trapshooting. Overthrust GC held a shoot the last week of September, and Daxton Cook made the 27-yard line for the first time. Cheyenne was the only club to have a shoot this month.

There were 11 Wyoming shooters who traveled to the Nevada State Shoot. Warren Johnson and John Kelly found themselves on the trophy report several times during the week. All the scores can be found at

Something to look forward to are the turkey shoots that will be coming up. These can be some of the most fun shoots of the year. Looking forward, there are only a few more ATA shoots before the new year. At this writing, the Autumn Grand is right around the corner, and after that there isn’t much going on. Hopefully the new year will bring a new supply of shells.

           Nico Elardi

           WSTA Director


As I am writing this, it is late October, and trapshooting in Illinois is winding down for the year. It is sad to know it will be several months before we pick it up again. The good news is, it is time for awards from the previous season.

The Illinois Board of Directors met earlier this month and voted to induct Mike Walker and Mike Westjohn into the Illinois Hall of Fame in June at our next state shoot. I have known both of these gentlemen for years, and I am so happy for them, and for the state of Illinois, for having such quality individuals to represent us. Congratulations, guys! You deserve this.

I also have some target milestones to tell you about. Larry Brown and Roger Schad have shot 25,000 singles. Tal Seger has shot 75,000 singles. Last but not least, Marvin Kuebler has shot 100,000 handicap targets. As I have said before, with all the things making it hard to shoot, reaching these numbers is all the more impressive.

Now, as promised last month, I am going to list the 2021 all-state team:

Open team—Chase Horton, .9555; Bradley Bomkamp, .9333; Mike Hathaway, .9332; John Kravanek, 9219; Brian Cox, .9194; Adam Fabisiak, .9134; Leland Hassler, .9081; Kevin Wunder, .8992; Mark Chiodini, .8808. Lady I—Lauren Dunn, .9480; Ashleigh Painter, .9391; Hannah Martin, .9158; Olivia Rainey, .8853; Megan Bierman, .8669. Lady II—Janice Rigler, .8869; Joan Davis, .8270; Sue Staker, .8251; Denise Dressler, .8246. Sub-junior—Wyatt Sibley, .9283; Braxton Dent, .9264; Kyle Fabisiak, .9222; Carson Sievers, .8939; Ian Redfern, .8929. Junior—Landon Sievers, .9651; Steven Margherio, .9631; Samuel Gilman, .9476; Ty Leach, .8915; Levi Rensing, .8821. Junior gold—Kameron Martin, .9259. Sub-veteran—Frank Haynes, .9494; Dan Staker, .9432; Brian Hezel, .9428; Mark Fielder, .9293; Dave Dressler, .9287. Veteran—Frank Payne, .9540; Mike Dennis, .9344; Harvey Schultz, .9310; Ron Wolf, .9204; Gary Crowe, .8910. Senior veteran—Mike Westjohn, .9373; Charlie Bickle, .9325; Mike Jordan, .9296; Joe Nehrt, .9178; Michael Obert, .9101. Chairshooter—Ziggy Tkaczenko, .8870; Larry Norton, .8682.

Congratulations, all of you! If anyone has any questions or thinks I have made a mistake, give me a call at 217-854 2280, and we will resolve the problem. We had several shooters just miss making the team. Hopefully as shell shortages and COVID problems go away, we will have more people make the team.

Everyone have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Till next month.

Bill Duncan

ATA Delegate


Greetings from the North Star State! When you receive this copy of Trap & Field, Christmas will be on the horizon and Black Friday will be history. Hopefully you have had a chance to hunt a little, and for some of you, the remainder of the season will yield a few more good hunts before the inevitable onset of another Minnesota winter.

My apologies to readers of Trap & Field and in particular the Around the ATA column. I missed last month. My dad passed away on Sept. 12, and the motivation to write just wasn’t there, but I am back at it this month. My mom is doing very well. Thanks to all who reached out with cards, texts, and e-mails to express their sympathy.

The 2022 ATA All-American teams are out, and Minnesotans did very well. Named to the open second team were Peter S. Walker and Bernie Merchlewitz Jr. Leo Brand was on the sub-junior first team and Miranda Klassen made the second team. Jack Knaus was second high on the junior team, coming off an incredible performance at the Grand, where he was the HOA winner over the entire field. Troy Haverly and George Pappas both made the sub-vet first team. Dean Neumann followed up his year as captain with a second-high finish to make the veteran first team, along with Randy Cook. Although Bill and Rose Van Nieuwenhuyzen saddled up and headed west in August, we will claim Bill as a Minnesota All-American once more since the majority of the year he was a Minnesota resident. Bill had a great year and was the second-high senior vet on this year’s team. Dean Walker and Scott Messenger both made the second team. Rod Tolman rounded out the Minnesota contingent by making the chairshooter team. Congratulations to all on a great performance in 2021!

The Minnesota all-state teams have been named as well. Captain of the open team is John Kelly of Cokato, veteran captain is Dean Neumann of Dakota, the senior vet team is led by Dean Walker of Grand Rapids, women’s captain is Laure Zumbusch of Buffalo (who became the first Minnesota woman to break 200 in the state Singles Championship), and Miranda Klassen led the sub-juniors. The complete list of team members can be found on the MTA website.

As I am writing this, I checked the results of the Nevada State Shoot, and Merchlewitz and Mike Michaelis were participating. No big wins up to this point.

Unlike last year, we are able to get to our northern neighbors to hunt, although due to the drought and the unseasonably mild fall weather, my first trip did not yield any ducks to speak of. Hopefully that will change in our later trips.

As COVID has reared its ugly head once again this fall, let’s hope that we can get it under control by next summer so that registered shooting can return to something that resembles normal. That includes the availability of ammunition at reasonable prices.

I can be reached at 507-456-2000 or at Until next time, keep your head down. Randall Jones’ contact information is available on the MTA website.

Paul T. Cyr

for ATA Delagate Randy Jones


The weather has turned colder, and Christmas is upon us. I hope everyone gets what they asked for. My order is a whole bunch of ammo.

Now is the time to be making your shooting plans for the spring. For those traveling south or west to find warmer weather, I wish you safe travels. For those of us staying home, all I can say is stay warm out there. Please remember to visit your local club during these colder times.

Mike Blair

ATA Delegate


The Wisconsin Fall Classic held at the WTA Homegrounds was well attended. Singles Event 1 had 136 shooters to start the Saturday shooting. Shooting perfect scores of 100 were Dan Haag, Bryon Fennig, Joseph Schepper, George Hass, Robert Gropp and Ed Borske. Wow, that is a bunch of perfect scores from all age groups. The handicap event on Saturday turned out 127 shooters eager to win a trophy. Posting 94s were Daniel Ehlers and John (Practice King) Filtz. In doubles Larry Heinrichs, Adam Becker and Roger Taylor Jr. shot 98s. HOA champion was George Hass. Sunday singles 100s were shot by Chris Warrington, Hass, Matt Riffe and James Law. Adam Becker had the only almost perfect score of 99. Then the doubles winner, Roger Taylor Jr., showed everyone by shooting a perfect 100. Schepper was not far behind with 99. Congrats to Becker for 293 in the HOA. Great shooting, everyone.

I will be taking you to two long drives with these shooters from Wisconsin. Missouri Fall Handicap is one of the best places to shoot. The staff and volunteers do a great job of keeping the grounds looking good (notice the new chipping on the paths to the traphouses and parking lot). This has been a big plus for keeping the dust down. Brent Heikkinen started the shooting winner’s circle with a 98 in A singles and followed it up with another 98 to win A singles again. Steve Ebsen won in two handicaps and one doubles. John Halambeck won not only three times, but one of those great scores earned him the Handicap Championship with 99; you get to move on back. John also took home the HOA B trophy. I got Lady II handicap first and runnerup in the championship, two doubles to include the championship, Singles Championship 198, Lady II HAA and HOA. Congratulations to these shooters for giving their all.

The next drive from Missouri to North Carolina was a long drive. But the drive is worth the view once you enter the Blue Hills in NC. The Dixie Grand is held at Bostic in the backwoods. Great staff, volunteers and shooters greet you at this Satellite Grand. Brent Heikkinen once again started the trophy win but now AA with 97 in singles. Then he won a trophy in doubles. My trophy wins included two singles trophies to include the singles Lady II with 196, a doubles and a handicap win also. I do admit the targets were a bit tough, and the shooters’ scores reflected it. Congratulations for great shooting.

I have to give credit to John Duwe and Steve Ebsen for traveling to Vegas to shoot. Hope you had a nice shoot at the Nevada State at Clark Co. SP. Thanks for representing Wisconsin.

Okay, my normal speech: volunteer at your local club. Get the club ready for winter shooting or winter close up. The board cannot do it all themselves. The CWTA will be going this year and many local cold shooting events. What the heck, it’s not that bad shooting in Wisconsin in the winter. For all you lucky snowbirds, travel safe and have fun in the sun.

Keep smiling, because I am.

Sandra Jo Jack

for ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring