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South Carolina

’Tis the day before Thanksgiving as this is being written, so the holidays are nearly upon us. Ordinarily I would suggest ammo for a gift, but these days you would have to give a rain check. I had a big stash of reloading components, so that has kept me shooting.

Mid Carolina and Greenville are shooting Big 50s. Spartanburg, Mid Carolina, Partridge Creek and Greenville are holding monthly shoots, so if you can find shells, go shoot. Many of us have had birthdays, so get out and enjoy our sport while you can.

Spartanburg had their league shoot finally, and ladies won all four divisions. Way to go! Give Rich Dunn an attaboy when you see him for organizing the league.

We had our planning meeting for next year’s state shoot and our Hall of Fame Shoot. There are no important changes from last year. The state shoot will be May 11-15. Put the date on your calendar. The HOF shoot is in March. Frank Ketron is the new inductee; congratulate him when you see him.

Jim Faber

ATA Delegate


Happy New Year. I hope everyone found 10 flats of shells under the Christmas tree, but I doubt it happened.

Tennessee had seven shooters attend the Autumn Grand at Tucson, with Tyler Honnold, Steve Rice, Jacob Duren and Brady Duren bringing home trophies.

With the ATA recently announcing the 2021 20K target attainment list, Tennessee had four shooters on it: Tyler Honnold, Emma Mathews, Lucas Davis and Seth Cooper.

On a sad note, Steve Hart of Germantown recently passed away at the age of 71. The life member was active from 1990 to 2003, registering a total of 70,150 targets and receiving his AA-27-AA pin in 1994. He served on the TSTA Board of Directors for several years, was president from 1999 to 2001, and was Tennessee Delegate in 2002. Prayers go out to his family and friends.

Read the new Rulebook, please.

For more info, check out our website You can reach me at

Billy Cook

ATA Southern Zone Vice President


While the last year-and-a-half have been full of challenges for the shooting sports with COVID and now ammo and labor shortages, there is still much to be thankful for. I have the opportunity to visit quite a few gun clubs every year around the country, and they all have one thing in common, especially in the smaller volunteer managed gun clubs: there is a group of individuals who keep things going, and a big thank you is all the compensation they may receive. Please take a moment and thank those individuals who operate and manage the facilities you shoot at; it may make their day!

Thank you to all who attended shoots at MTA this year. We are in a new era with our manager Skip Klinger at the helm and look forward to positive changes in the future. I would be remiss not to give a shout-out to Lyndle, Bob and Jeannie for all they have done for MTA and our shooters in the past; thank you!

On behalf of the MTA Board of Directors, I would like to congratulate the 15 MO shooters who made the 2022 ATA All-American teams: open second team, Zachari Nannini; Lady I second, Baily Lueders and Maddie Cutler; sub-junior second, Anna Rawe; junior second, Chase Perry, Kelan Kinion, Jordan Ziercher and Austin Stoner; junior gold first, Hunter Spruill; junior gold second, Ryan Loveless; sub-veteran first, David Deitch; sub-veteran second, Marvin Beumer and James K. Frost; veteran second, Steven J. Fuller; senior vet first, Gary Gooch.

By the time you read this, Christmas will have been here and passed, and we will be into the new year. Remember the real reason for the season, the birth of our Savior Christ Jesus. Isaiah 9:6, NKJV—For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon his shoulder. And his name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. I hope and pray that 2022 begins better than 2021 ends. Happy New Year!

Shoot often, shoot well, and BE SAFE!

Stephen Ricketts

 ATA Delegate


Oklahomans took full advantage of the comfortable weather in late October and throughout November. Oil Capital R&GC and Red Dirt SC hosted events to celebrate National Trapshooting Month across the state. Complete results and pictures from both events can be found on OTSA’s website. To highlight a few Oil Capital winners, Nathan Lemke ran 100 to win singles, Mitch Wyatt broke 92 to win handicap, and Nathan Lemke topped the doubles with 94. At Red Dirt, Reece Hightower was singles champion, Kaden Waldrop had top handicap honors, and Jeff Barker won the doubles. Red Dirt also welcomed new ATA/AIM members Tucker Dunlap and Blane White.

Shawnee held a 50-bird derby; the weather was great. Singles class winners were Ron Freeman, A, 41; Randy Hill, B, 46; and Gary Bristol, C, 44. Handicap had 14 shooters; Larry Higgs won with 46. Doubles class winners were Mike Meeks, B, 41; and George Wise, C, 38.

Derby winners at OTSA on Nov 28: singles—Spencer Scotten and Nathan Lemke tied for Class A; George Wise, B; Rex Pilkington, C; and B. McCann, D. Handicap winner was Richard Decker; Spencer Scotten and Mikie Hooper tied for second, and Nathan Lemke and Tim Mount tied for third. Doubles winners were Brian Northrup, B; Tim Mount, C; and John Ewing, D.

OTSA, Ada and Red Dirt, to list a few, have been busy this year supporting youth shooting programs. For example, local 4-H shooting clubs occupy two fields every Tuesday night at OTSA. During the year, these clubs have hosted Wildlife Department Shoots, 4-H zones and state shooting, fundraisers, and other youth programs. Redlands College, a local community college, reached out to OTSA to enter into an agreement to begin a collegiate shooting program. This will be a great opportunity, providing other options for collegiate shooting in Oklahoma.

Now that the 2021 shooting year is complete and all the targets have been counted, the 2021 Oklahoma state teams can be determined. A full list of the state teams can be found on the OTSA website. A few call-outs from the 2021 teams: Kya Funkhouser had the high composite and was open team captain with a .9510 average. Shooters that are either first-time state team members or have not been on a state team for a few years include Paula Trayer, Lady II; Clay Laughlin, junior gold; Jordan Harrold, junior; Braden Cook, junior; Cashlin Smith, sub-junior; Cash Desbien, sub-junior; Joel Johnson, sub-vet; Jim Waite, sub-vet; Bernard Brown, sub-vet; Thomas Heglin, vet; and Jon Guy, senior vet. A special congratulations to our 2021 lady and male Rookies of the Year. Lady rookie is Angie Cavett, and male rookie is Layton Freas. Congratulations to all shooters for making the state team!

As registered ATA shooting takes a winter break in Oklahoma, clubs within the state are hosting club championship shoots and 50-bird derby programs. I hope everyone takes advantage of these to support your local clubs and to keep practicing.

Oklahomans, if you have any shooting news (new shooters, club improvements), accomplishments (100 straights, 50 straights), milestones (100,000, 50,000 and 25,000 target achievements), and/or shoot scores, including singles, handicap and doubles winners, please send them to me. You can reach me by cell at 405-694-1790, e-mail, or mail 15817 Harts Mill Rd., Edmond, OK 73013.

Kevin Nanke

ATA Delegate


Today is Nov. 29, and I’m more stuffed than the turkey was. We had lots of family, lots of food, and lots of fun at the O’Connor house for the Thanksgiving holidays. I hope all of you had a blessed Thanksgiving.

By the time you read this, it will be 2022. Christmas and New Year’s will be in the past. I hope it was a wonderful time for everyone. We should be grateful for family and friends in our lives.

I have asked you to read the Rulebook many times, and I will continue to ask that of you. The new Rulebooks are out now. You can print a copy from the ATA website, you can call or e-mail the ATA and request one, or you can let me know you want one, and I will do my best to get it to you. It is very important that you know the rules that govern our sport.

I have not received any news from anyone. It’s a big state, and I know there are things happening in Texas. Please let me know about it, so I can put it in Trap & Field. Shooting weather is about over here in the Panhandle, but I know there is shooting going on in south Texas. Please let me know about it.

If you have news, please let Princess or me know about it. You can reach me at 806-679-6889 or

Till next time, y’all shoot well, y’all shoot often, and y’all have a great time.

Jerry O’Connor

ATA Delegate


After all the cancellations due to seemingly ever-changing COVID-19 rules, the 2021 season ended with Medicine Hat (Mad Hatter), DVine TC (D Hazen All Peace), Calgary (Rose Bowl) Wainwright (Summer’s End) getting their shoots in as scheduled. As the calendar rolled to the start of the 2022 target year, Edmonton (Gold Leaf Shoot), Athabasca (Ellis Crumb Memorial) and Castor and Calgary (both National Trap Day) gave shooters an early opportunity to register some “new year” targets.

Unfortunately, as shooting in Alberta wound down, border restrictions remained in place, discouraging most shooters from traveling to the U.S. Garry Hill was the lone Alberta shooter at the Grand American and one of only three Canadians in attendance. Participation at the Autumn Grand wasn’t much better, with only four Albertans completing the HOA program. But when the land border opened to non-essential travel Nov. 8, the convoy started moving down the I-10, and land travelers were able to make the last few days of the tournament. Some hardware was coming back home, too. Garry Hill was vet winner in the preliminary class singles (100 plus shootoff) and vet runnerup in the Tucson Doubles Class Championship (97 plus shootoff). Yours truly managed vet winner in the Prescott Handicap (98) and qualified for the AA runnerup shootoff in the Singles Championship (198) but forfeited due to having left the grounds. Art Peyton took vet runnerup in the Singles Championship (199), vet champion in the Handicap Championship (97 plus shootoff) and HAA vet champion (391).

All-stars, category and average leaders for 2022 have been determined, based on 2021 averages. Your all-stars:

First team—Brad Johnson, .9594 on 3,750 targets; Jason Weaver, .9394 on 4,100; Bob Gruszecki, .9387 on 4,400; Jacob Johnson, .9309 on 3,200; Art Peyton, .9307 on 8,900. Second team—Garry Hill, .9218 on 11,400; Matthew Belley, .9195 on 3,800; Rodney Smith, .9184 on 3,400; Ron McConnell, .9175 on 7,100; Jesse Smith, .9162 on 7,500.

Brad Johnson swept the high averages with .9808 on 1,200 singles, .9362 on 1,050 handicap and .9613 on 1,500 doubles targets.

Category leaders:

Lady I—Lynn Smith, .8941 on 5,600. Junior—Samuel Basarab, .7896 on 1,800. Junior gold—Nolan Johnson, .9223 on 2,600. Sub-vet—Bob Gruszecki, .9387 on 4,400. Veteran—Art Peyton, .9307 on 8,900. Senior vet—Ron McConnell, .9175 on 7,100. There were no qualifying Lady II or sub-junior shooters.

Most targets shot by an Alberta shooter in 2021 was claimed by Garry Hill with 11,400, and most targets shot in Alberta went to Lorne Umscheid with 9,500 birds registered across the province.

The Board of Directors of the Alberta Provincial Trapshooting Association held its annual planning meeting Oct. 17. Some decisions made at the meeting will affect the provincial tournament, commencing with the 2022 shoot. First, any shooters winning or tying in any singles or doubles event during preliminary days will be advanced one class in the next like event. HAA trophies will be awarded based on shooter classes in the Singles Championship. The Handicap Committee will also have the discretion to advance a shooter one or more classes based on scores in any preliminary doubles marathon. Any shooter who is assigned penalty yardage and who reaches target minimums during preliminary days will have the option of being reassigned to the shooter’s normal handicap yardage.

Another highlight of the meeting was the positive vote for the induction of Jim MacLean into the APTA Hall of Fame. Jim shot his first ATA targets in 1969 and as of this writing, he has registered a combined 127,650 singles, doubles and handicap targets. His handicap shooting took him to the 27-yard line in 1973, and his first APTA all-star placement came in 1977, with three first team and two second team placements following between 1989 and 1997. In ATA Western Zone competition, Jim was singles champion in 1977, and in Alberta Provincial Championship competition, he was doubles champion in 1974 and singles champion in 1978. He completed his provincial “grand slam” by winning the handicap and all-around, both in 1998. Jim served as a director of both the Calgary and Lethbridge clubs. Congratulations, Jim, on this milestone in your shooting career.

So that does it for 2021. By my calculation, just 78 days until the start of the Preliminary Spring Grand in Tucson. Flight booked, hotel reserved. Bring it on!

Jim Thomson

ATA Delegate


The Autumn Grand—I have been doing this for a while and have never heard compliments about the weather until now. Here is a bulletin: it’s beyond our control, but I will say that the weather was perfect. No wonder Arizona is the place to be for winter shooting. Yes, there were a couple of burps, mostly related to the help shortage. One day a church group, with no notice, told Doug Sims they had to go to a conference in Phoenix and wouldn’t be there. I know what TTSC was offering in pay, and it was well above minimum. The problem is nationwide, not just something in southern Arizona.

Attendance was slightly up, about 2% over last year, and they represented 45 states and provinces. Folks are starting to trickle in from Canada, and we even had one gentleman from Brazil. There is no doubt, however, that COVID, the ammunition shortage and the price of fuel affected the turnout.

All that being said, it was a great Autumn Grand American. Arizona shooters did quite well, including a former Rookie of the Year winning the handicap. I refereed a number of shootoffs, and my overall impression was that we have an incredible group of youngsters. They did not just break birds, they left dots in the air. Us old guys are in real trouble.

The Old Ajo Highway Singles started the preliminary days off, and there were five Arizona shooters of note. Gerry Williams tied for high gun in AAA; Bruce Hobbs won AA with 100; Karen Stingl tied for A; Karen Bergman with a 99 took B; and Mark Yarbro’s 98 won C. Event 2 was the Old Ajo Highway Handicap, and Will, not Bill, Medlicott began what was a terrific shoot for him by winning 22-24. Kenny Mlynarz then took 25-26. The class doubles followed, and Sophie Nostrom began her string of victories. Sophie is a recent transplant from Washington and a most welcome addition to our Lady I category. Greg Holden, whose doubles prowess is fast approaching his singles proficiency, tied for senior vet.

Thursday started with the class singles, and Sophie’s 100 was tops in Lady I. Will tied for A, and Jeff Mervin took C. Event 5 was the Preliminary Handicap, and Nostrom won Lady I, Deborah Mattson took Lady II in a shootoff, and Holden tied for high gun among senior vets. In the Singles Championship, we had three winners: Medlicott triumphed in A, Ron Ballou was high in C, and Braden Surrett took junior gold. Two Arizona war horses came through in the doubles: Fred Frazier was high in D, and Doug Sims tied in the senior vet group. In the Handicap Championship, Mattson won 19-21, Clayton Merson was high in 22-24, and Gerry Williams’ 96 tied in the 27-yard group.

During the first day of the Autumn Grand, there was some good Arizona shooting. Big Al Lingham’s 99 tied in Class A, and Robb won senior vet with 100. Mattson did it again in the ’caps with a beautiful 99, topping Lady II. Tuesday’s Event 11 was the Premier Singles, and it featured two 100s. Ken Mlynarz won A, and Tim was done in by the carryover in senior veteran. The day ended with the Yuma Doubles, with Nostrom taking Class A.

The Ben Avery Singles kicked off Wednesday, and there were some great scores across the board. Russel Mecham’s 99 tied for high in B but lost in the dreaded carryover. Not so for Sophie. Her 100 plus a 24 in overtime gave her the Lady I title. In senior vet, Williams was not so fortunate. He also ran them all but dropped one in the carryover. Then came the Pleasant Valley Handicap, and Allisen Reese, or should I say the new Mrs. Haynes, won 19-21. Ken Mlynarz then took AA honors in the Double Adobe Doubles, and Steve Haynes, the other half of the Haynes-Reese duo, won Class B with a sparkling 99. The Singles Class Championship produced some great scores, but only two winners. One was Mark Yarbro in C. Britt Dalton fell one target short in the fifth carryover round, losing out in AAA. Jim Davenport and David Landwerlen were carryover victims in A. However, the Pride of Prescott, Joe Henderson, redeemed Arizona’s honor with 100 plus two perfect rounds to win senior vet.

The Doubles Class Championship was Event 20, and we had two outright champs, Steve Williamson in C and Sophie once again in Lady I. Bruce Hobbs, A; David Landwerlen, B; and Jim Sharp, senior vet, all fell to the carryover curse. Dalton was runnerup in the Caesar Guerini Preliminary Handicap, and Randy Wegerski was veteran runnerup.

The Singles Championship produced two winners and a slew of those who came oh so close. Junior Nathanial Pizinger’s super 197 won C, and Robb continued his reign in senior vet with 199. Vince Bianco got nosed out in A; Isabella Ricci gave it a terrific run in B, and Karen Bergman fell short in Lady II.

Sunday featured the Doubles and Handicap Championships. The Doubles were first, and Sophie gave it her best in Lady I but fell just short. She was runnerup. Wyatt Pizinger had the same fate in sub-junior. Now came the climax, the Handicap Championship, and it was Arizona all the way. Dalton, Curtis Bietz, Tom Schmidt and Jackson Link, take a bow! All shot 99s, the only ones in the championship. Britt was event runnerup; Tom became the senior vet champ; and Jackson, who shot his first 50 straight just a couple of weeks before, won sub-junior by three targets—what a performance. Wyatt Pizinger went 25 straight in a shootoff and became the sub-junior runnerup. Vince Bianco tied as high veteran but did not shoot off, and Williams forfeited in the senior vet shootoff for runnerup. Nathanial Pizinger did shoot off in junior but lost out by one after the fourth round.

Now for Curtis Bietz, our former Rookie of the Year and the new Autumn Grand American handicap champion. He capped an almost perfect 99 with 25 in the shootoff. That’s grace under pressure. Congratulations, Curtis!

Smoke and chips: This is an unusual year, we have two Hall of Fame shoots due to COVID. The first was Oct. 27-31 at Ben Avery and honored T. L. Edens and George T. Peter, two old-time shooters. Betty Sackett, a Hall of Fame member herself, read a list of their accomplishments, and both are very deserving of the honor. I don’t think the CIA could come up with the details that Betty did. The history of Arizona trapshooting is most fascinating, and this is a wonderful way of keeping it alive.

We had 112 shooters from 13 states, which is pretty darn good seeing that our season was not in full swing. I don’t have a list of the winners, but I do have the scores, and some of them are outstanding. Wednesday’s singles started things off, and Joe Henderson and Mark Matthews, shooting on the same squad, came in with 99s. Next was the ’caps, and Joe was high for Arizona at 94. He continued his tear into the doubles at 95. In case you are wondering, Wheaties are Joe’s secret.

Another senior vet, Roger Covelskie, topped the field in Thursday’s doubles. Greg Holden then displayed why he is always a threat in singles with one of three 100 straights. The day ended with the handicap, and Don Archibald, from way down yonder in Yuma, beat everyone with 95. The Preliminary Singles was Friday’s opener, and Joe Henderson was at it again with another 100. Greg Holden and Mark Matthews were one back. Doug Moore’s 97 then beat 45 others in the handicap, and Max Peevyhouse was the Arizona high in the doubles.

The Singles Championship could rightly be called the “Old Guys Rule Singles.” Joe Henderson and Greg Holden shot 200s, while Gerry Williams and Mark Matthews finished with 198s. Sunday featured the Doubles and Handicap Championships. Max Peevyhouse was high in the doubles with a fine 99, eking out a one-bird victory over Jay Alderman. In the handicap, Hall of Fame member Tim Robb’s 99 from the 27-yard line beat all comers. Our newest 27-yard shooter, Kaitlin Quan, was just one off the mark. Kaitlin is our first Lady I at the 27 in a while. Junior Allen Rogers was right behind with 97. Tim Robb won the all-around, Alderman was second, and Kaitlin was third among Arizona shooters.

The 2022 Hall of Fame Shoot will take place at Ben Avery Jan. 12-16. Rumor has it that someone named Bergman will be honored, and it sure ain’t John. This is always a great shoot; don’t miss out.

Around the state: Jan. 12-16 is the Hall of Fame Shoot at Ben Avery; Casa Grande’s popular Kick Cabin Fever Shoot goes Jan. 19-23; Tri-State holds Big 50s Jan 23; Tucson then has their Pin Shoot Jan. 19-23; Casa Grande’s Pre-Spring Grand is Feb 1-6; Lake Havasu has Big 50s Feb. 4; Double Adobe shoots Feb. 5-6; Tri-State has Big 50s Feb. 13; and the Preliminary Spring Grand is Feb. 9-13 at Tucson followed by the Spring Grand American Feb. 14-20. Don’t forget Monday’s Big 50s at Casa Grande, and Rio Salado’s singles marathons the first Thursday every month and doubles marathons on the third Thursday.

This is prime time in the capital of winter trapshooting. Drop the snow shovels, get rid of the boots and down coats, and come on down to Arizona! You may never return. Real estate agents provided upon request.

John Bergman

ATA Delegate


I just returned from the Autumn Grand in Tucson, and I must say that the weather was spectacular. I can’t remember when I experienced an entire week of such great temperatures with nary a trace of wind. Between the nice weather and good target presentation, scores were pretty tall all week long.

Utah was represented by 24 shooters, several of whom brought home trophies. Check out the scores to see how your friends fared.

Both Chris Kinder and Pam Wright were presented highly coveted Thunderbird 100-straight pins. Tucson T&SC awards these pins to shooters when they break 100 straight at the club for the first time.

Pam, having recently returned from running in a marathon in London, was still very much in the competitive spirit and won several Lady II titles.

This month’s installment of trivia will be “useful trivia” as opposed to last month’s “useless trivia.” Pam has run 28 marathons: five in the U.S. and two in foreign countries (Germany and the UK). Her goal is to run in Tokyo to complete the “World Marathon Majors,” aka the WMM. The WMM is sponsored by Abbott Laboratories and host races span three continents (Asia, Europe and North America) and six cities (Tokyo, Berlin, London, Boston, Chicago and New York). Contestants who run all six WMM receive the six-star medal depicting all six cities. I have no doubt Pam will meet her goal, and I hope I get to see her medal when she achieves her quest.

Many of us are acquainted with Nick DiGesualdo from Colorado. During the Autumn Preliminary Week Doubles Championship, Nick broke his first 100 in doubles. This completed his ATA Grand Slam! Nick and wife Sandy are at most major shoots in the area, and both seem to have perpetual smiles on their faces. Next time you see Nick, be sure to congratulate him.

Another Grand Slam earned during this shoot was by singles champion Mitchell Pierson from Nebraska. Mitchell, a junior shooter, broke his first 200 straight in singles and tacked on 300 more in overtime to win the singles title.

The next major shoot in the vicinity is the Spring Grand, also at Tucson T&SC. I hope to see you there.

           Ed Wehking

           ATA Western Zone Vice President


I hope you have all had a great holiday season and you are ready for a great New Year, which includes a lot of ATA shooting. The off season has given us opportunity to replenish the ammo inventory, tune up those trusty scatterguns, and get some practice in if the weather allows. There will be a lot of shoots to attend in Washington this spring, and we are looking forward to visiting our clubs all over the region.

Action will tip off at the Colton GC Feb. 19. The Camas Prairie Handicap will be held at the Walla Walla GC March 18-20. We will trek back to Walla Walla as they host the Northwest Grand April 2-3. Coulee City will host a shoot April 30 then Marlin will toss some targets May 1. We’ll stay in the same part of the state for a shoot at Odessa GC May 7. These will have us all sharpened up for the WSTA Championships on new dates, scheduled back at Walla Walla GC May 12-15. Colton will be on the docket again for two days the first weekend in June followed by an event hosted at Othello R&GC June 11. Colton will be a site for the ATA Western Zone July 15-17. The Malden-Pine City club invites all comers for fun July 25. There will be a gap until Sept. 18, when the Colton GC will throw a one-day shoot Sept. 18.

As you can see, there are several open weekends during which your club could schedule ATA shoots. Big 50 events are available also and a good way to put some targets on your average card while supporting the ATA and WSTA at the same time. Reach out to our secretary, Bruce Skelton, to schedule some ATA registered events if your club would like to join the fold. Contact information for Bruce or any of the WSTA directors may be found on our website at

Our Delegate, Roger Clouse, has taken over the reigns in regards to promoting the Northwest Grand, which has become a great shoot for promoting youth and families to participate together, thanks to the efforts of George and Karma Seubert. We are sure Roger will do a great job, and we’d like to thank the Walla Walla GC for their willingness to host this event, which has been a success at the Spokane GC. Walla Walla is a destination location now, with three popular shoots to be held in 2022.

Washington had a quite a few shooters taking part in the Tucson sun at the Autumn Grand in November, and I was happy to see so many shotgunners from the Evergreen State there. It is a little hard to come back to snow after a week in warm temperatures, but it gives us all something to look forward to when things start to thaw and we can enjoy the hospitality of the various clubs in Washington. Please support these clubs in their efforts. Your patronage at clubs in Washington keeps them going and helps ensure that you have a healthy Washington State Trapshooting Association.

Don’t forget to take a new shooter to the trap club. Remember, we are all here because someone encouraged us to give it a try.

Shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Sean Lewis

WSTA Director


I hope everyone had a joyous holiday season and is ready to shoot some targets in the new year. When you read this, it will be less than two months to shooting starting up again in Illinois. Since we are still in hibernation, I want to mention some achievements and accomplishments of our shooters.

First some target milestones; Brian Frost has shot 25,000 singles, and Ivan Gunter has shot 75,000 doubles. Now I want to mention the 2021 All-American team members from Illinois. We don’t have quite as many as normal as COVID and shell shortages have reared their ugly heads. Still, Illinois is well represented by our best shooters. They are as follows: open first, Chase Horton. Lady I second, Lauren Dunn and Elise Baker. Lady II first, Janice Rigler. Junior gold first, Ian Lawrence (captain) and Garrett Helms. Sub-vet second, Brian Hezel, Dan Staker, Dave Dressler, Frank Haynes. Veteran first team, Mike Dennis, Frank Payne. Senior vet first, Mike Westjohn, Charlie Bickle. Chairshooter, Ziggy Tkaczenko (captain) and Larry Norton.

Nice job, everyone! We are all proud of your dedication and talent. While we are talking about our All-Americans, check out the shoot reports of the Dixie Grand and the Autumn Grand. Several of our best tore them up at these shoots as they make a run at the 2022 team.

Next month I will talk about Illinois shooters at the Grand. Stay safe and get your guns ready for the new target season. It will be on us in no time.

Bill Duncan

ATA Delegate


It’s the new calendar year, and already my resolutions are interesting, but not useful. A few thoughts as we begin 2022: the folks at MDOT will continue to work on the U.S.-127 to I-94 interchange on the north side of Jackson, at least through the Fall Team Shoot this year. I went through this intersection recently with no problems. When I came back a few hours later, all the exits and entrances from these two busy expressways were closed. Expect chaos at this intersection, which is an important route to and from Mason, and if you can avoid it, it might be a really good idea.

It looks like Ann Arbor’s Vickie Lane is Michigan’s only member of the 20,000-target group. That’s a lot of shooting. Congratulations, Vickie. I look forward to shooting with you again.

Congratulations to the Birmingham GC and Munith R&GC. They were the Michigan clubs that got money this year from the ATA Gun Club Fund. I think most know that the big fundraiser for this fund is the shotgun raffle held each year at the Grand. In 2021 and again in 2022 the gun is a very well engraved Kolar Combo. I expect to have tickets by the Spring Team Shoot, so catch me at classification if you are interested.

Per the ATA rules, the ATA rebates money to each state annually. Each state gets some of each membership back plus some (20%) of each daily fee. For the 2020 target year, Michigan’s rebate was $4,604. The total rebate was $202,376.

In October’s Shooting Sports USA, there was an excellent article about our own F. Darryl Hayes. I’m not exactly sure how they got him into a suit and tie with a gun over his shoulder since I’ve never seen him shoot while dressed that way, but it made a nice picture.

Yes, I know the weather is cold, but dress for it and get out and shoot at your local club if you can’t get to warmer climes.

  1. B. Lewis

ATA Delegate


Greetings from the North Star State! We have been experiencing very good weather as we approach the first week of December with basically no snow on the ground.

This certainly is a slow time for shooting in Minnesota as the hunting seasons are behind us. Jackpot shoots are starting again at Buffalo, Minneapolis and St. Cloud. I am uncertain if Zimmerman is shooting this winter. Please check the MTA website for more details, and if you have a question about the weather or whether your club is shooting, be sure to call ahead.

Many of you are making your plans to attend the Spring Grand in Tucson. Take note that this year it starts a bit earlier than it has the past few years. The preliminary days start Feb. 9, and Grand Week is from the 14th to the 20th. The program is available online at Even though COVID is rearing its ugly head again, the gem show returns to Tucson, so hotel rooms may be at a premium.

Fifteen Minnesota shooters were at the Autumn Grand. Steve Schmidt broke back-to-back 98s in handicap and was the senior vet winner both days. Norique Stuewe (two) and Abigail Malecha (three) won trophies on the first preliminary day and totaled five and eight, respectively, during the shoot. Other trophy winners from Minnesota were Eric Munson (three), Paul Koch and Kim Krueger.

The shell conundrum continues to hinder shooters and their plans for shooting in the near future. We can all hope that as the shooting season in the northern latitudes approaches, some relief will occur. The same holds true for those of you who like to reload and have had difficulties getting components.

Until next month, stay warm and make plans for a great shooting year in 2022. Happy New Year.

I can be reached at 507-456-2000 or at Until next time, keep your head down. Randall Jones’ contact information is available on the MTA website.

Paul T. Cyr

for ATA Delegate Randy Jones


The new year is here. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas and a merry New Year’s. Hopefully everyone has gotten all their equipment tuned up and ready to hit the trapfield as soon as possible.

At the time I’m writing this, the ammunition situation has gotten a little better. I have been able to find some at the big box stores and a few outdoor stores; hopefully by spring the shortage will be a thing of the past. When the weather breaks, please remember to visit your local clubs and get the year off to a great start.

Mike Blair

ATA Delegate


I am so saddened to have to share this about two of our fellow trapshooters. This has been a tough month on families and friends in Wisconsin.

Ron Paul Harper will be missed. Posted by Eau Claire R&G on Facebook: “As some of you may already know, we lost one of our greats. Ron Paul Harper was an active board member for 40 years, along with being very involved with the club’s conservation programs, a hunter safety instructor, ATA volunteer, just a small list of all he did for us. Ron’s laugh and light will truly be missed by all who knew him.” I remember Ron at every ATA shoot, working behind the classification table and greeting everyone. There were two trees planted in Ron’s memory and so many notes from friends and family on his memorial page. Ron’s caring and inspiration to others will be missed at the club.

Ed Borske was an avid outdoorsman, thoroughly enjoying hunting and fishing. He was a top sportsman in ATA trapshooting. He was a member of a number of clubs, including Gateway GC, Boulder Junction SR, Long Lake GC, Dunbar SC, Wisconsin SA and Fox Valley TC. Those of you who knew Ed knew him at a glance on the trapline in a black cavalry hat given to him by Wanda. I will miss his shooting talent and words of advice at shoots.

The 18th Autumn Grand was held at Tucson T&SC with 25 Wisconsin shooters out of the total 589 who attended. There were 26 events to compete in, and congratulations go out to everyone who shot their best, won trophies or were in shootoffs. During preliminary days, Tate Barwald shot 96 from the 27-yard line to win; Charles Noel had a 100; Sandra Jo Jack broke three 100s in singles and won trophies in handicap, doubles, HOA and HAA; Demaine Milbach shot a nice handicap of 97; and Pete Rusted was runnerup with 199 in singles.

Championship week weather was great, especially for the winners: Demaine Milbach, James Badtke, Jack with 199 for Lady II in the Singles Championship, Steve Ebsen, Gerald Demulling and John Halambeck’s 198 for B in the Singles Championship.

If you are going to attend the Spring Grand, make reservations early, if you haven’t already.

By the time you read this, we will be shooting the CWTA and local fun shoots on weekends. Dress warm and be safe. Help out by volunteering in some way, anyway you can.

Remember to keep smiling, because I am.

Sandra Jo Jack

for ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring

Atlantic Provinces

Happy New Year from the Atlantic Provinces! To all gun club managers in the Atlantic Provinces: if you haven’t already done so, it’s time to start thinking about your club’s 2022 ATA shoot schedule. Registered shoot and league applications are available on and should be forwarded to Atlantic Provinces secretary Janaya Nickerson for approval. Janaya’s contact info is available on Reach out to me or Janaya if you need any help with the process.

If you’re looking for a way to encourage registered shooting at your club, the ATA provides active gun clubs a limited number of complimentary memberships for first-time members. If you haven’t received yours, contact me, and I will inquire.

Here are a couple of shoot dates for those planning their 2022 shoot schedule.

The Calgary FC will be hosting the 2022 Canadian Trapshooting Championships June 29-July 3. The club is located just south of Calgary, AB, near the community of DeWinton. Shoot information is available on the Canadian Trapshooting Association’s webpage

The 2023 Atlantic Provinces ATA Provincial Shoot will be hosted by the St. John’s R&GC Sept. 1-4. The club is located near St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the four-trap club is the largest in the Atlantic Provinces. Club members started a multi-year trap improvement project in 2019 and will have it completed in time for the shoot. Shooters will be treated to new concrete walkways on all four trapfields, two new traphouses, improved landscaping, a well-maintained club and fine Newfoundland hospitality. Stay tuned to for the latest updates and information.

For more information on the Atlantic Provinces Trapshooting Association, feel free to contact me at or visit

Andrea Bassan

ATA Delegate

New Jersey

As I sit here writing January’s contribution Nov. 29, another “new” variant of the coronavirus has been detected, originally in countries on the southern tip of the African continent and now in Israel, Canada and throughout Europe. It had been spread by air travelers visiting those countries in Africa. So now, new fears are being stirred up by our media folks in their daily news coverage, even though the seriousness of the variant has not been established yet.

Now on to the serious stuff. First, a happy New Year to everyone; hopefully it will be better than 2021! How did Santa treat all you trapshooters? Was he able to secure your new reloader, choke tube set or trap gun? Like I mentioned earlier, it is only November, and I still must see what Santa brings me. Hopefully not coal again!

The following are the 2021 New Jersey state team members. For the first time that I recall since establishing a ladies’ team, no women met the requirements last year. Several of the category teams were short on their numbers as well. COVID, economics and the inflationary spiral, and shortage of ammo, powder and primers all contributed to shooters here in the Garden State being kept from traveling and competing.

As in the past, I will only be listing the shooters’ names and not their HAA average. Those numbers will appear in the 2022 state program.

Men’s first—Robert Malmstedt, Gene Moir Jr., Thomas Clarke, Scott Kalnas, Raymond Padovani. Men’s second—Thomas Green Sr., Daniel Biggs, Richard Batesko, Tony Pietrofitta, Robert Jarvis. Junior—David Brown Jr., Angelina Moir, Zac Cucunato. Veteran—Robert Battista, John Tierno, John Horgan. Senior vet—George Wright, Robert Bishop, John Godwin. Most targets registered: Godwin, 26,350.

Here in New Jersey, we also list the shooters who registered more than 10,000 combined targets in the previous target year. Again, I will be listing just the shooters’ names in descending target number. The actual numbers will also appear in the state program. Godwin, Joe Sissano, Jarvis, Battista, Zac Cucunato, David Brown Jr., Robert Cucunato, Christopher Burn, David Brown Sr., Jason French, Green, Tierno, Moir. All of you, thank you for supporting the ATA.

At this writing, James Pagliughi has 99,550 singles targets. Hopefully by the time you read this article, Jim will have reached his 100,000 singles attainment.

If you have an idea or just a question, I can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 732-546-7910.

Joe Sissano

           ATA Eastern Zone Vice President

New York

Hello to everyone from New York. Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a very happy and safe holiday season.

All of us on the Board of Directors of the New York State ATA and shooters throughout New York would like to express our deepest sympathies to New York State ATA Hall of Fame member Mike Latocha and his family on the passing of Mike’s wife Louise. She passed away Nov. 2 at the age of 78. We are all so sorry about the passing of Louise.

The high-average shooters and the state teams for New York have been announced for 2021. The high male 16-yard average shooter was Justin Slater with .9870. The high lady 16-yard average shooter was Heidi Womer with .9754. High handicap shooter was Michael Fox. Jr., .9213, and high doubles shooter was Justin Slater with .9532. Congratulations to these fine shooters.

State team members: Open first—Michael Fox Jr., .9531; Justin Slater, .9505; Daniel Tartick, .9313; Urban Womer, .9307; James Flint, .9277. Open second—Curtis Robbins, .9212; Brian Luther, .9162; David McMasters, .9148; Joshua Buchiere, .9100; Dexter Pratt, .9058. Open third (honorable mention)—Chris Landon, .9056; Simon Grech, .9035; Todd Hosbach, .9011; Salvatore Schiavo, .8900; Chad Landon, .8895. Ladies’ first—Heidi Womer, .9023; Jenna Euscher, .8771; Tammy Wildenstein, .8650; Marilyn Lehrfeld, .8644; Becki Logan, .8580. Ladies’ second—Leslie Slater, .8328; Deborah Bell, .8252; Susan Gullotta, .7966; Debbie Lineman, .7780; Laura Foote, .7705. Junior/sub-junior—Chase Wojtanik, .9143; Owen Wagner, .8687; Tomasso Schiavo, .8529; T. J. Calvaruso, .8237. Veteran/senior veteran first—Don Alderson, .9096; Bob Edwards, .9091; Keith Welch, .8863; Michael Waschitz, .8861; Gerry Ostrander, .8856. Veteran/senior veteran second—Joseph Morsch, .8851; Thomas Horenburg, .8808; Keith Miranda, .8781; Dave Cichelli, .8780; William Wallis, .8710. Congratulations to all team members! A job well done.

It has been announced that Susan Gullotta and Justin Slater will be inducted into the New York State ATA Hall of Fame for 2022. Induction ceremonies will take place July 9 at the New York State Homegrounds in Cicero during the state shoot, after the Singles Championship has concluded and before shootoffs. Congratulations, Susan and Justin.

There will be four shoots held in 2022 at the New York State ATA Homegrounds at Cicero. First up will be the Empire Grand American May 18-22. The state shoot will be held July 5-10. The ATA Eastern Zone will be hosted by the New York State ATA July 21-24. Finally the Northeastern Grand American will be held Sept. 6-11. Please note this is a change in our traditional week to hold the tournament. Hopefully being a week earlier, we will have better weather.

If you are going south or west for the winter, please travel safely. Shoot well, everyone.

If anyone would like to have something written in one of these articles, please contact me at or 585-519-9543. Please stay healthy, safe and in good spirits. Please be strong. May God bless you all.

Dave Cichelli

ATA Delegate


Greetings from Ontario, Canada! When you read this article in January, it will be in the middle of our off-season for registered targets. Winter league shooting will keep many of our shooters in shape, but there is no real substitute for ATA events.

While we in Ontario can now enter the States, there are testing requirements both on leaving Canada and upon returning. These requirements vary with travel by air and land. If Ontario shooters plan on competing south of the border, check everything out very carefully because there are often updates that will impact you.

Vern Higgs attended the Autumn Grand in Tucson and reported that travel by air out of Toronto Pearson Airport continues to be a challenge. He arrived at the airport early and was held up at customs to the point he just about didn’t make his flight—last to board and his shotgun didn’t arrive for several days. As the old adage goes, “Time to spare, go by air.” I hope we can return to some normalcy in 2022; time will tell.

Paul Shaw

ATA Delegate


Happy New Year! The ATA has released the 2021 target total lists for targets thrown by each ATA club and the total targets thrown by clubs in each state. Pennsylvania clubs threw 4,244,750 registered targets, good for third-high in the association behind Illinois and Ohio. Our top 10 clubs all threw more than 50,000 targets. Our top three were Bradford, 167,150; North End, 152,975; and Bedford, 137,050. The other clubs in the top 10: Western Pennsylvania SC, Greater Jackson Twp. SA, North Side SA, Valley G&CC, South End, Hallstead Great Bend and Keystone SA. There were 59 clubs that threw registered targets in Pennsylvania in 2021. Thank you and congratulations to the clubs and volunteers who help keep our clubs going.

The PSSA threw 2,505,575 targets last year, the most in the past four years. This places the PSSA as third high, behind only the WSRC in Illinois and the Cardinal Center in Ohio.

As most shooters know by now, there have been some changes to the shoot dates for 2022, in particular, the Westy Hogans. The Westy will be moved up in the calendar year to Aug. 18-21. There are many factors that played into the decision, and those who have attended the Westy are well aware of the diffuclty of hosting the event in September. The PSSA has struggled over the last 15+ years to properly staff the line during this shoot and have had to rely on volunteer help from shooters, especially on Friday and a large portion of the fields on Saturday. Our employees are made up of mostly high school and college students, and most of these are active in sports and other school activities. Most of our local school districts will not allow a student to participate in those activities on the weekend if they do not attend school on Friday, therefore providing an additional challenge.

As mentioned, the shoot was relying on volunteer help, and that has created an unenjoyable experience for our shooters. Looking at the dates, the only option available was the week after the Grand American to ensure that students were not in school. The unfortunate part is that Ohio hosts the Cardinal Classic the same week. Surely some shooters will opt to go to the Cardinal Classic, but the change should allow for a more enjoyable experience with the Westy Hogans. Look for updated information on the PSSA website.

With deep regret, I must report on the passing of George Kupetz of New Ringgold and Neil Mertz of Northumberland. Both gentlemen were strong supporters of the PSSA, and both recently served as line supervisors at Elysburg.

George began his ATA career in 1998 but had been a shooter for most of his life. He was active at many of the local clubs in the area, and Orwigsburg is where he called home. George and his wife Geri were always willing to help out, and the PSSA was no different. Always studying, tinkering and experimenting, George was invaluable with his knowledge in so different areas.

Neil was a mainstay for many years at the PSSA and Norry GC. He began his ATA career in 1965 and had an enormous effect on shooters at the local clubs. He was a promoter from the days of hothouse tomatoes to Oktoberfest to providing shuttle service to the ladies in his golf cart; he was always interacting with people and talking trapshooting.

Both George and Neil will be tremendously missed for their genuine personalities and all they contributed. Our condolences go out to their families and friends.

           Steve Ross

           ATA Alternate Delegate