Trap & Field Magazine is the most comprehensive source for news and information surrounding the sport of Trapshooting.

A HUGE part of trapshooting, as you know, is the gear, apparel and techniques that shooters use.

Highlight your products and services in the Official Magazine of the Amateur Trapshooting Association!

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You can sell equipment, offer services, advertise your gun club, or anything else that you want more than 15,000 shooters worldwide to know about. Our classified advertising rates are .80ยข a word ($25.00 min. per issue). You can place an order with us via phone(618-449-2224 ext. 131), e-mail or fax(866-297-8529) along with a Visa, Mastercard or Discover. You can also fill out this form or download a printer-friendly version and mail with your check. Classifieds must be pre-paid. No refunds.

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