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Septemeber 2017 Issue – Trap and Field Magazine

By | 2017-08-30T14:43:46+00:00 August 30th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

Let’s hear it for the kids!                  4 New champions ascend during the AIM Grand National Youth Trapshooting Championships. Quote of the month                        20 “There are two things that make or break you as a trapshooter . . . ”—Phil Kiner Quote of the month, Part 2            54 “Dream big, work hard, and good things happen.”—Michael Wengerd, Ohio doubles and all-around [...]

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August 2017 Issue – Trap & Field Magazine

By | 2017-07-24T18:37:35+00:00 July 24th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

T&F Tribute: Kay Ohye 129 New Grand American trophies 130 Quote of the month, No. 1 22 “Remember, you must focus on the target. Merely seeing it will not get it crushed.”—Ron Sutton Quote of the month, No. 2 131 “I have learned to have a strong mental game. Ultimately, that is the best trophy I [...]

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July 2017 Issue

By | 2017-07-17T21:10:36+00:00 July 6th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

Five Key Questions To Ask yourself Before The Grand:   24 AIM For The Rules:   89 Dieter and Betty Krieghoff HofF inductees: 108 Quote of The Month: 28 “Once you have the mechanics of the game down, it all comes down to focus, the mental aspect, and keeping the balance to it all.”—Richard Deputy Jr. Empire Grand [...]

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June 2017 Issue

By | 2017-05-22T18:49:16+00:00 May 22nd, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

Woman In Trap:   18Doubles:   The Second Shot:  28Quote of The Month:  “It’s all about not getting frustrated because you have to learn to fix it as you go. There’s never a perfect time that just comes along; you have to create that perfect time.”—Samantha Foppe, Southwestern Grand handicap championView Table Of Contents [...]

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May 2017 Issue

By | 2017-05-22T18:50:54+00:00 May 5th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

Doubles: the first shot, revisited Training our brains to compete Dick Marascola, HofF inductee Quote of the month-“If you’re not shooting great, keep trying. Eventually you will succeed in what you want to do.”—Payton Detavernier, Southern Grand Lady I singles and handicap champion View Table Of Contents  

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APRIL 2017 Issue

By | 2017-05-22T18:52:51+00:00 April 5th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

ATA Grand Slam shooters-Shooters who have broken 200 in a 200-bird singles event, 100 from the 27, and 100 in doubles during their careers. Quote of the month-"Shooters who have broken 200 in a 200-bird singles event, 100 from the 27, and 100 in doubles during their careers. View Table Of Contents [...]

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March 2017 Issue

By | 2017-05-22T18:51:52+00:00 March 5th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

Will yourself into the winner’s circle-“The quest to be a champion consists of many phases . . . “ Jim Foster, 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Quote of the month-He’s not about to put a hard and fast deadline on [completing his ATA Grand Slam]. “Do that, and you’re adding more pressure on yourself that [...]

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January 2017 Issue

By | 2017-05-21T15:37:29+00:00 January 5th, 2017|Categories: Current Issue|

And the winners are . . .-TRAP & FIELD’s Rookies of the Year and All-Around Average Award winners for 2016. Why do you miss?-Phil Kiner’s theory on the most common cause. Quote of the month-“When you win something at the Grand, that’s a great honor, but great honors come every day, and sometimes the honor is [...]

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December 2016 Issue

By | 2017-05-21T15:38:42+00:00 December 5th, 2016|Categories: Current Issue|

Quote of the month-“I hung out with some great people who happened to also be great shooters. The rest was practice, practice, practice, which was fun, fun, fun”—Drew Baxter, member of the YSSA Orange Crushers Diamond team (AIM Grand sub-junior champions), on how the group became a winning team Quote of the month-“Don’t let it get [...]

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