December 2017 – Around the ATA

Information for Around the ATA is provided to Trap & Field by state and provincial ATA Delegates and/or their designated representatives.

Shooters and local officials: Please inform your ATA Delegate of news about shooters and clubs in your area.


Western Zone


In a time when we hear about trap clubs shutting down, it is good news to have one that is on the upswing. The Wainwright club threw its first registered shoot at the end of August this year, and from all reports, it was a great success with good scores, good food and best of all, good hospitality. Brad Johnson repeated his provincial success with another 200 in the singles; right behind were Art Peyton and Ron McConnell with 199s. Thanks to the Johnson family and the help from many others for making this inaugural shoot a success.

October brings an end to registered trapshooting in Alberta until spring rolls around. It is time to honor those who have worked hard and been successful in our sport over the past year. Congratulations to Diane and Art Peyton, who again made the All-American team, Diane the first team and Art the second. For the second year in a row, Bert Brumwell nailed down the second spot in the chair category. We hope Bert can make the trip to the 2018 Grand to give the captainship a run! We thank these fine trapshooters for representing our province well in 2017!

Over the last several years, the ATA has significantly improved timeliness and availability of shooting data for the Delegates and state and provincial associations. We are now able to calculate provincial all-star teams more quickly and easily than ever before. Neil Burbidge, our perennial Alberta captain, is again our average leader, and his name yet again is on the Captains’ Cup. Well done, Neil!

First team—captain Neil Burbidge, .9468; Shawn McNeil, .9431; Robert Gruszecki, .9377; Art Peyton, .9457; James Thomson, .9338. Second team—Brad Johnson, .9283; Larry Ivany, .9274; Garry Hill, .9261; Allan Radway, .9199; Jesse Smith, .9184.

McNeil had the high singles average with .9900, while Burbidge led the handicap and doubles with .9118 and .9525.

High category leaders are Lady I, Donna Crockford, .8601; Lady II, Diane Peyton, .8768; sub-junior, Niklas Tebb, .8965; junior, Nolan Johnson, .8627; junior gold, Jacob Johnson, .8882; sub-veteran, Neil Burbidge, .9468; veteran, Larry Ivany, .9274; senior vet, Ronald McConnell, .9172.

Art Peyton had the most registered targets with 33,600.

I am one of the many Alberta shooters headed south for the Autumn Grand in Tucson, along with many of the other shoots on the Arizona circuit. I hope to see you there this winter!

           Garry Hill

           ATA Delegate



You can feel it in the air and see it in the parking lots. Arizona trapshooting is moving into high gear. It’s time to shed your parkas and pullovers and come on down. The Arizona Chain starts this month on the 22nd at Casa Grande and continues until April 1 with shoots every week. They alternate between Ben Avery, Tucson and Casa Grande, plus many of the local clubs are in action. It is an easy run down I-17 and then I-10 (changing to I-19 in Tucson), with the longest drive only two-and-a-half hours. What do you get? Warm weather, good food, friendly people and world-class shooting. Don’t shiver and sneeze; enjoy the warm breeze in sunny Arizona.

Our annual Hall of Fame Shoot will take place Jan. 13-14 at Ben Avery, and it is coupled with the Arizona Chain starting on the 10th. The word is out: our new inductee is Doug Sims. Not only is he a great competitor with an impressive record, Doug is also the guiding hand at Tucson and an ASTA board member. Like shooting at Tucson? Thank Doug; he makes it happen.

It’s also time to think about the Spring Grand (Feb. 14-25, including the preliminary days). If you don’t have an RV spot, make your hotel reservations now. Weather is usually in the low 70s, the background goes on forever, there is tons of parking and plenty of vendors selling just about anything that you might need, and it is one of the best-run shoots anywhere.

Don’t forget about our state shoot March 12-18 at Ben Avery. It is the largest public shooting range in the country, and the Clay Target Center is a super facility. Look for hints about the best hamburgers in Arizona and real New York pizza nearby in upcoming issues of Trap & Field.

Around the state: Tucson’s Harvest Festival Oct. 14-15 kicked off their fall season. The weather could not have been better—warm (not hot) no wind and blue, blue skies. Rosie Kingery blew away the women and just about all of the men with an opening 100 straight in the singles. Her only equal was Ken Mlynarz, who was closely followed by his dad Bob at 99. Wayne Ward led the ’caps at 97, picking up a yard, and Ken finished the day with a strong 97 in the doubles. Robert Hammond started things right on Sunday with 100 in singles, but it was bittersweet for the Mlynarz clan. Ken, shooting leadoff, dropped his last bird, and Bob at Post 2 did the same—99s for both. Bob won the coin toss for the senior vet title, beating Ron Schroer and myself. Doug Sims also had a 99, winning veteran. In the handicap, the earth and the sun stood still. My 97 was high and good for a yard punch. Doubles closed everything out, and Doug came through again; his 95 was tops. Ken Mlynarz took the high-over-all. This was old-fashioned trapshooting at its best: not too large, full of friends, and everyone had fun. I should also mention that we had a new Arizona shooter. Jim Copsey has immigrated from New Mexico and moved right near the Tucson club. Welcome, Jim!

If you’re looking for a shoot, check or the ATA Shoot Directory this issue. See you on the line.

John Bergman

ATA Delegate



“Take your boy hunting instead of hunting for your boy." That's what ATA Delegate Ed Wehking thought of when he found this picture he took at Ogden GC around 1990.

“Take your boy hunting instead of hunting for your boy.” That’s what ATA Delegate Ed Wehking thought of when he found this picture he took at Ogden GC around 1990.

The new target year has begun, and three clubs in Utah hosted shoots. Nephi had a one-day shoot, whereas Spanish Fork and Golden Spike both held two-day shoots. All three enjoyed nice weather and reported some good scores. September generally can have some of the best weather of the year, making it a good time for putting up good scores, just before putting up your trap gun and replacing it with your hunting gun. Check out the scores on the USTA website.

Remember, just because fall is here and winter is coming at what seems to be breakneck speed, it doesn’t mean clay target shooting is over. There are also leagues to join and turkey shoots to attend.

The cold winter months provide time to review the ATA Rulebook, set new or renewed goals, and work on the mental game. The slow shooting months can also be a good time to recruit new members and continue to be good ambassadors of our sport, considering the world around us.

Just this morning I heard the news of the Las Vegas shooting. It makes one wonder “why?” These acts of violence touch each and every one of us. It makes it harder and harder for us to defend our sport. My heart goes out to all who lost their lives or were injured by this senseless act and to their loved ones who are suffering.

While going through some old photos, I found one that I took behind the Ogden GC while attending a shoot around 1990. It brought back fond memories of having a young child (Cody) and of puppyhood (Rascal). It also reminds me of the old slogan, “Take your boy hunting instead of hunting for your boy.”

           Ed Wehking

           ATA Delegate



Greetings from the Evergreen State. You will see this after the December meeting of the WSTA directors, but you may still submit shoot dates to association secretary Bruce Skelton at [email protected]. The more the merrier, so don’t hesitate to request shoot dates and encourage clubs who haven’t held a registered shoot in a while to do so. Shoots held at various clubs in Washington are the heart of our association, so we look forward to hearing from you. Smaller shoots at some of our rural clubs are a great way to introduce new shooters and get them hooked on ATA competition.

As I write, I am eagerly looking forward to my first Autumn Grand in Tucson and hope to have a good report in my next correspondence. Many of our shooters will be heading south for some targets this winter, and they will be more than happy to tell non-Washington shooters about what’s happening here. We’d love to have some of you attend the state shoot in 2018 as well as any other of the fun competitions we have. Delegate George Seubert and secretary Bruce Skelton will be making some shoots in Arizona this winter, so I’m sure they will be happy to have you look them up. George may be reached at [email protected]. Bruce’s e-mail address is listed above, and of course you can always reach me at [email protected]. You may also find contact information for WSTA directors at

Look for a list of Washington’s high average shooters in upcoming letters. We’re pretty proud of our shotgunners in this state.

I know others are anticipating another shooting season in these parts just as much as I am. So until next time, shoot straight and keep your powder dry.

Sean Lewis

ATA Alternate Delegate


Central Zone


Hello, shooters! I hope everyone has had a wonderful 2017 and will have an even better time ushering in 2018.

Now I get to announce the 2017 Illinois state team. There were many more who met the qualifications for the team this year, which is great!

Men’s—captain Bradley Bomkamp, .9409; John Kravanek, .9341; Mike Hathaway, .9335; Mark Fielder, .9211; Tom Richardson, .9204; Kevin Wunder, .9192; John Upcraft, .9173; Robert Johns, .9168; Jeremiah Schultz, .9163; Brian Cox, .9146. (For the first time in a long time, we had a full five shooters on the Lady I and Lady II teams.) Lady I—captain Lauren Mueller, .9457; Courtney Meinhardt, .9171; Regan Armbrust, .8920; Sophia Eyman, .8896; Hannah Martin, .8868. Lady II—captain Anita Knearem, .8721; Judith Wegner, .8627; Lora Murphy, .8084; Sue Staker, .8025; Denise Dressler, .8001. Junior—captain Chase Horton, .9513; Kyle Blankenship, .9342; Wyatt Criner, .9212; Garrett Zeeb, .9169; J. T. Thiems, .9115. Sub-junior—captain Alex York, .9176; Blake Harnetiaux, .8737; Kurtis Schewe, .8503. Junior gold—captain Drew Strohecker, .9547; Walter Barnickel, .9430. Sub-vet—captain Brian Hezel, .9447; Frank Haynes, .9443; Frank Payne, .9411; Dave Dressler, .9264; Harvey Schultz, .9182. Veteran—captain Mike Westjohn, .9508; Charles Bickle, .9308; Michael Obert, .9079; Alan Maly, .9016; Loren Rippentrop, .9013. Senior vet—captain Paul VonBurg, .9322; Jerry Sedlacek, .9319; Mike Jordan, .9292; Joe Nehrt, .9255; Larry Hight, .9218. Chair—Ziggy Tkaczenko, .8846. Congratulations to all! I hope to see you all in the running again next year. The awards will be given out at the state meeting at the 2018 state shoot. I do encourage you to be present, so I get to hand you your certificate, pin and patch.

I want to wish all of you happy holidays and safe travels when you’re going to see the ones you love. See you all in 2018!

Lauren Mueller

ATA Delegate



Greetings, shooters! Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving and the weather is playing nice and allowing us to get out and shoot some trap.

Please make sure you are aware of these important 2018 shoot dates. For the ITA zone shoots, the central zone will be at Fall Creek Valley CC May 12-13, the northern zone at St. Joe Valley CC May 19-20, and then the southern zone at Columbus GC May 26-27. The 2018 Indiana State Shoot will be held July 17-22. This is later in July than usual for us, as we had to move it back due to how the calendar falls next year and because of conflicts with other states and our computer services people. The ATA Central Zone Shoot will be the following weekend, July 27-29, with Evansville GC the Indiana site, which will lead us right into the Grand American Aug. 1-11. It’s going to be a busy summer, for sure.

It has been brought to my attention that Garl Gresley has completed his ATA Grand Slam. He broke 100 straight from the 27-yard line back in August at St. Joe Valley CC to complete his Slam. Way to go, Garl!

Congratulations to the following Indiana shooters for making the 2018 ATA All-American team, based on their 2017 target year performance: Chrissy Byrd, Lady I second; Tank Lunsford, sub-vet first; Garl Gresley, sub-vet second; Tom Neal, veteran first; John Roussel, veteran second; and Vern Brown and Bobby Hubble, senior vet second. Making the team is certainly an honor requiring a lot of commitment.

I wish everyone a very merry Christmas and happy New Year! May your 2018 be filled with good health, good times and much success both on and off the trapline.

Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you need anything or would like to have anything included in this monthly report for Indiana. My e-mail is [email protected].

Jason Barnett

ATA Delegate



I just returned home from the Stockdale GC and the Heartland Grand. It looks like the shoot was up, and everyone was having a great time and enjoying some fun shooting games. The 27-yard pump ’em doubles that a few of the shooters added was quite entertaining, as were the night wobble and normal pump ’em doubles. The food served almost every night was amazing.

As I look back, I had just talked about the Missouri State Shoot, so the next was Kansas. There I ran into several Iowa shooters—Shelly Heitner, Joe Needham, Dale Stockdale and Larry Bumsted—and several on the trophy report.

I want to wish all the readers a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope some of you are reading this in warmer temps. I know for sure my buddy Bubba and momma K are. Next month we will be talking about the Nebraska shoot, and a whole lot more Iowa shooters were there.

Heath Kasperbauer

           ATA Delegate



MTA past president Dick Turner shot at his 300,000th registered target during the Michigan central zone shoot.

MTA past president Dick Turner shot at his 300,000th registered target during the Michigan central zone shoot.

As we prepare to enter 2018, let’s take a look back at 2017. The 2018 Michigan state team members are as follows:

Men’s first—captain Carl Chadwell, Frankie Joe Galonis, Bill Grill, Darryl Hayes, David Sickmeyer, Jim Creighton, Hugo Moe Rinke, Dan Cook, Bryan Lynch, Larry Litwin Jr. Men’s second—Mark Bristoll, Larry Telfer, Ray Nabozny, Carl Meininger, Jeff Russell, Steve Olvitt, Dr. Jerry DeHondt, David Moan, Jefferson Barber, Gary Kogelman. Women’s—captain Jacque Snellenberger, Alexandria Kocsis, Leslie York, Jodene Phenicie, Lauralee Heiden. Sub-junior—captain Skylar Clark, Peyton Platte, Samantha Wilson, Ava Larson, Jackson Sokel. Junior—captain Lucas Bristoll, Glen Falk, Jonathon Stockwell, Evan Falk. Veteran—captain Frank Galonis, Kenneth Sims, Bill Hagerty, Jack Andree, Rick Jensen. Senior vet—captain Ken Smith, Robert Scheonrock, George Snellenberger, Karl Hampel, Norris Chadwell.

Congratulations to everyone on a stellar year of shooting. Additionally, a huge congratulations goes out to Jacque Snellenberger (Lady I first team) and Ken Sims (veteran second team) on making the ATA All-American team.

At the 2017 Grand American, the following Michigan shooters left with hardware: Henry Bahr, Jacque Snellenberger (two), Vilas Claar, Rick Jensen, Bill Grill (four), Carl Chadwell (two), Alex McMullen and Gordon Wellsandt. Great job on trapshooting’s biggest stage.

The 2018 MTA Board of Directors are Larry Telfer, president; J. B. Lewis, vice president; Jeff Russell, secretary-treasurer; Vicky Kocsis; Ryan Ewing; and Dr. Jerry Dehondt. Additionally, Darryl Hayes remains your ATA Delegate; Russell, Alternate Delegate; and Don Hoffman Second Alternate Delegate.

In my travels around the state to various gun clubs, I want to mention two things that I witnessed that I thought were remarkable. Past MTA president Dick Turner shot at and broke his 300,000th registered target at the central zone shoot at Bluewater, and Chadwell shot at an annual non-registered shoot that has been a Chadwell family tradition. It is the Birmingham GC annual club champioships. The program is 50 16-yard targets and 50 handicap targets. The record was set for this shoot in 1992 by Carl with a score of 99. Well, the record was tied by Duane Lanphear, then Carl followed up with breaking 100. This is the first time in the shoot’s 104-year tradition that a 100 has been broken in the program. Great shooting by all.

Enjoy your winter, and safe travels to the snowbirds!

Darryl Hayes

ATA Central Zone Vice President



The board of directors met Oct. 14. This was the organization meeting for the 2018 Ohio State Shoot. Directors were assigned jobs, and committees were formed for the shoot. Information pertaining to the meeting may be found on the Ohio state website The BOD is working hard to make the 2018 state shoot bigger and better.

The golf cart and trailer, a big-ticket item, will again be offered. Bob Caplinger is in contact with previous sponsors, and there are a few who showed interest and may be coming on board for the 2018 shoot. These are just a few of the things the board has decided so far.

The OSTA Foundation will again offer the 50/50 drawing, and there should be a few guns to give away again. All guns are made available through Larry and Brenda Potterfield and the Midway USA Foundation. All proceeds go to youth shooters in Ohio. The OSTA Foundation gave 10 scholarships plus helps other youth programs in Ohio. I urge everyone to support the youth by participating in the gun giveaways and other programs the Foundation sponsors during the state shoot.

The Fall Handicap at the Middletown SC Sept. 20-24 had a great turnout again this year. Weather cooperated by providing sunny days and high temperatures. There were 445 entries in the championship events. Winners were as follows: singles, Steve Corwin; runnerup, Dan Ryan; handicap, Adam Ralston; runnerup, Chris Sizemore; doubles, Tom Kleyla; runnerup, Jim Walker II.

There were 34 Ohio shooters who attended the Dixie Grand at Bostic, NC. Weather was great every day except Sunday, when clouds and rain arrived in the early morning. There were 809 entries in the championship events. Ohio shooters who performed well and brought home some hardware were Dennis Cooperrider, Stanley Cosby, Mike Dehabey, Ed Detty, Robert Drake, John Evick, Charles Gandert, Jennifer Hedrick, Patrick McCarthy, Louie Morgan, Gregory Orr, Betty Peterson, Roger Peterson, Michael Roese, Ashley Stumbo, Brady Welsh and Richard Zombek.

I will leave you with the words of a good friend: “Keep your head down, follow through and bust ’em.”

Roger McNamer

ATA Delegate



Our homegrounds held our annual WTA Moser Memorial in October. It was a great success and had a great turnout of shooters. Saturday was a colder windy day, but the tough shooters still showed up, 48 of them. Bill Simonar was the only singles shooter to break 99. Handicap winners were Dennis Minks, Kelsey Lorenz and Lee Fischer with 96s—nice shooting in the not-so-great weather. Dave Marohl had the lone 95 in doubles. Sunday was a much nicer day, and the scores reflected it. Nine singles shooters shot 99: Dennis Kozlowski, Charles Noel, Peter Rusted, Daniel Vukovich, Terry Joseph, Scott Prafke, Hunter Brown, Sandra Jo Jack and Dwight Paulin. Handicap shooters who shot great 97s were Phillip Challoner, Tate Barwald and William Esselman. Doubles leader with 97 was Peter Rustad. The building was staked in for future construction, which should take place soon. A big thank you to all who made this shoot happen, including the WTA Board of Directors, Nekoosa athletes for scoring, volunteers, and Arlene and Dick Otto for keeping the scores posted.

We have a new secretary, Amy Jenkins. Amy, you are the perfect person to have this position. Thank you. Kevin Doerring, for reviewing the all-state team applications. From what you’ve said, it is a very time-consuming process.

Please remember to pay your WTA $10 fees that are due when you shoot your first ATA in Wisconsin. There are many shooters who assumed they paid or say they forgot their card and that they paid. Your card will have a sticker on it if you did pay. If you are not sure if you paid, ask when you register.

Merry Christmas and a safe New Year to all my friends and their families. We will be coming into the 2018 year with many changes at our club. If you look at the WTA website, we have had many donations for shooters or someone they know to go toward our new building. If you would like to donate, please e-mail the WTA. We will need chairs, tables, TVs, showcases for trophies, pens, paper, etc.

Take care and please e-mail at [email protected] with any information for me to share. Keep smiling, and help out at your local club.

Sandra Jo Jack

for ATA Delegate Kevin Doerring


Eastern Zone


Season’s greetings to all of you. Our annual fall CTA meeting took place in October, where we held election of officers, and all were reelected unopposed. Congratulations to all. Shoot dates for 2018 were decided and are posted on the website. It’s a complicated task trying to choose dates in our area of the country. There are a lot of states geographically close holding shoots about every weekend. The Connecticut State Shoot will be June 22-24 at the Hartford GC, and planning will already be under way by the printing of this.

The past year was a successful one, and I would like to thank all the member clubs for their efforts in hosting such enjoyable shoots. There are some great winter leagues going on this year, and I hope you all are having fun. Congratulations to two of our shooters for earning spots on the All-American teams: in Lady I, Noelle Feucht and in sub-junior, Noah McCoy. It takes determination and dedication, and we are all proud of you. Please let me know about your leagues or any highlights from your shooters and home clubs. Happy holidays and merry Christmas to you.

Rich Latouf

ATA Delegate


New Jersey

Last month I said that the 2018 northern zone was just completed, and I seemed to have omitted who won what! Michael Morgado was singles champion with 195, Terry Shaffer was the handicap winner with 92, and James Shire won the doubles with 94. Again this year we held satellite shoots at Pine Valley GC and the Howell TC, and quite a few open trophies were won by shooters from each club.

The Dixie Grand was held for the first time at the North Carolina Homegrounds in Bostic. The Dixie started out at Forest City GC in Savannah, GA, 19 years ago. For the last 10 or more years, it had been at the Silver Dollar in Odessa, FL. Just traveling to North Carolina instead of Florida allowed shooters from the northern states of the Southern Zone and quite a few of the southern states from the Eastern Zone to attend. Seven NJ shooters competed, with four winning trophies: Butch Zeppone, Joe Sissano, John Tierno and George Wright. Weather was fantastic, with temperatures each day in the 80s. If you get a chance next year, put it on your calendar.

The following weekend the NJSTA held their third President’s Shoot at their homegrounds at Pine Belt SC. All trophies were open, with Jamaal Brown from Maryland winning the singles Saturday with 197, Sunday with 100 then the HOA award. Saturday’s handicap was won by Murat Ahmet Akkemik of New York with 93. Sunday’s doubles was won by Richard Batesko with 96, and Tony Fischer led the handicap with 92.

The North Jersey CTC held their club championship Oct. 15. Dominic Cerrato with the combined score of 187 took club champion laurels, Marc Invidiato shot a 99 in the singles and won the Rich Jacoby Memorial Trophy. Craig Gasparine won the handicap portion of the combined event.

A new patterning board covered with stainless steel sheeting has been erected west of Trap 1 at the NJCTC; it has a gun rest 30 to 33 yards back from the board. Paper to show your pattern or point of impact can be obtained in the clubhouse.

Steve Ottrando reported that Steve Siegert led the wobble event with 48×50, and Gil Dinallo paced the doubles with 45 in the fun shoot Oct. 21 at the Mallard TC. Class winners in the wobble event were John Longo, A; Chuck Gregory, B; and Brian Downing, C. The A winner and club champion in the doubles was Greg Menshoff with 42; Class B winner was Tom Casio, and Class C victor was Tom Nelson. Free food and beverage were supplied by the club for all attendees and participants.

Pine Valley will be holding their holiday party Dec. 16 at the club. Pine Belt will be having their Christmas party Dec. 17 at the club. Wishing all of you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.

On a sad note, a longtime scorer, manager and lifelong member at North Jersey GC, Victor Morganti, passed away Oct. 2; he was 82. Vic was born in Jersey City and lived most of his life in Fairfield. He was an electrician by trade. I remember Vic scoring on Field 1 at the club during most of the registered shoots I attended. He is survived by his daughter Christine Gasparine and son-in-law Craig, and sons Keith, Glen and Michael and daughters-in-law Margo, Julie and Jennifer, respectively, along with four grandchildren. Donations can be made to the Atlantic Home Care and Hospice of Morristown, NJ, or the VFW #7925 of Fairfield.

If you have an idea for an article or just a question, I can be reached at 732-546-7910 or [email protected].

Joe Sissano

ATA Delegate


New York

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and happy New Year to all my trapshooting friends. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and warm. I wish everyone a great holiday season.

The 2018 ATA All-American teams have been announced, and I am pleased to say that four New Yorkers and one former New Yorker have made the teams. Bradley Heath and Brian Luther each made the men’s second team with 1,042 and 775 points, respectively. Tiffany Decker made the Lady I second team with 881 points, and Justin Slater was the junior gold captain with 2,564. Former New Yorker and now Pennsylvania resident Chris Vendel made the sub-veteran first team with 2,064 points (Chris is considered a New York resident until Jan. 7). This was a fine 2017 performance by these excellent shooters. Great going!

The high averages and the New York state teams have been announced. Vendel had the high singles and doubles averages, with a .9902 in the singles and .9711 in doubles. Heidi Womer had the high ladies’ singles average with .9657. Heath carried the high handicap average with .9303.

State teams areas follows: First team—Chris Vendel, .9613; Bradley Heath, .9587; Justin Slater, .9581; Michael Fox Jr., .9473; Brian Luther, .9399. Second team—Urban Womer, .9390; James Flint, .9334; Bob Edwards, .9307; Rich Sauer, .9241; David Proper, .9207. Honorable mention—Gary McKeown, .9205; Curt Robbins, .9203; Danny Tartick, .9167; Michael Manzo, .9164; Chris Landon, .9159. Women’s—Tiffany Decker, .9043; Deborah Bell, .8699; Leslie Slater, .8595; Heidi Womer, .8504; Susan Gullotta, .8405. Junior/sub-junior—Alexcis Coningsby, .9030; Owen Wagner, .8255. Veteran/senior veteran—David Clary, .9226; Michael Waschitz, .9191; Keith Welch, .9183; Keith Miranda, .9120; Frank Benvenuto, .9088.

These were fine composite averages by these New York shooters. Good going!

After reviewing the total ATA target participation by states, I am pleased to say that New York was fourth in the ATA for targets thrown for the 2017 target year. New York clubs threw 2,315,500 ATA targets. The other top five locations were: Pennsylvania, 4,548,428; Ohio, 4,036,600; Illinois, 3,810,325; and Iowa, 2,229,500. Congratulations to all the states, and New Yorkers, be proud of your participation.

The top five clubs for throwing ATA targets in the 2017 target year, outside of the homegrounds in Cicero, were Peconic River SC, 87,350; Mt. Morris SC, 56,900; Sheridan Transit R&GC, 53,200; Willow Wood GC, 49,300; and Allied SC, 47,475. This was an excellent showing by these fine New York gun clubs.

If anyone wants to have an item placed in one of these articles, please feel free to e-mail me at [email protected] or call 585-519-9543.

I hope you are all having a wonderful and safe holiday season. See you all soon, good shooting, and may God bless.

Dave Cichelli

ATA Delegate



Greetings from Ontario, Canada! The Dixie Grand at Bostic, NC, was well run and well attended. Three Ontario shooters attended. I anticipate that this Grand has a lot of upside future potential. Well done, North Carolina.

Four Ontario shooters were named to the ATA All-American team: Lloyd Beecraft (sub-vet), Terry Jordan and myself (vet) and Keith Saunders (senior vet). Well done, gentlemen.

I am also pleased to announce the Ontario Delegate and Category Delegate teams for 2018, based on shooting accomplishments for the year ending Aug. 31, 2017:

Delegate team—Billy Zager, Frank S. Bonaiuto, Paolo Sampaio, Verne Higgs, Joe DiFrancesco, Josh Faubert, Peter Tsementzis, Byron House, Ken Fellows, Robert Little. Category team—Lloyd Beecraft, Ed Wilmott, Dan Gris, John Costa, Ana Tsementzis.

Note: For the first time, the Delegate Category Team includes eligibility from all eight categories. Thanks to Beau Douglas, who worked with our OPTA secretary Pam Muma and clubs to collect and tabulate shoot results.

On a lighter note, I will share with you an exchange between a lawyer and a trapshooter who wanted to file for divorce.

Lawyer: Divorces are easy, we can file for a “no fault” divorce.

Trapshooter: That’s too easy. I want to file for a divorce because it’s all her fault.

Lawyer: Okay. What are your grounds?

Trapshooter: Well, I have several. I shoot at my home club grounds, also at our provincial homegrounds, and sometimes I even shoot at some of the state homegrounds south of the border.

Lawyer: No, you don’t understand. Do you have a case?

Trapshooter: Of course! In fact I have at least one case of Federal light loads, two cases of Winchester Super Handicap, a case of Remington Nitro 27s and several cases of Challenger.

Lawyer: I mean do you have a grudge?

Trapshooter: Of course I have a grudge, that is where I park my Ford F150 and where I store my cases of trap loads.

Lawyer: We’re getting nowhere here. Do you have a suit?

Trapshooter: Of course I do. I have a dress suit I wear to church on Sundays and a Storm rain suit I wear when it pours.

Lawyer: Excuse me, sir. I can’t begin divorce proceedings for you based on matrimonial fault unless you give me some ammunition.

Trapshooter: Do you want factory or reloads?

Lawyer: Sir! I don’t want to be disrespectful, but I am seriously questioning your capacity to give me instructions—what I mean is, sir, do you have any disability, you know, any handicap?

Trapshooter: Well, at one time I got back to 25 yards, but them Eastern clays are tough, and I have been stuck on the 21-yard line for a long time.

Lawyer: (exasperated) Sir, does your wife beat you up or anything?

Trapshooter: Oh, no, sir. We both get up about 4:30 a.m. She walks the dog, and I reload shells.

The lawyer made one last attempt to understand the reason behind the desire for a divorce. “Let me put it this way. Why do you want a divorce from your wife?”

Trapshooter: Well, I can never have me a meaningful conversation with her.

Paul Shaw

ATA Eastern Zone Vice President



Merry Christmas! December means it’s time to reflect on the accomplishments of the current year before we begin making our resolutions for the next one. The ATA has announced the 2018 All-American teams, and Pennsylvania is represented well, with 21 shooters earning placements. For the 18th time, Deborah Ohye-Neilson was named captain of her respective team. This is her 31st overall placement as an All-American and first time in her new category of Lady II. Luke Cowart earned his third selection as an All-American while placing third on the junior team. Chris Vendel earned his 17th placement as the runnerup on the sub-vet team, while Ken Darroch made his 12th appearance, Frank Pascoe made his 13th, and Donald Neilson Jr. made his fifth as an All-American. On the senior veteran first team, Sheldon Hostetter represents Pennsylvania for the 12th time, and Frank Kenesky made his debut as an All-American on the chairshooter team.

The men’s team had representation from Donald Schaffer Jr. and Ian Darroch on the second team. This is Don’s fourth and Ian’s sixth selection. Lady I second team members were Bethany Breighner with her fourth selection and Robyn Bird with her first. The trio of Kim Bateman, Peggy Carney and Criona Doorly earned spots on the Lady II second team with their eighth, second and first selections, respectively. Sub-junior Wesley Beaver made his second All-American appearance as a member of the second team, while juniors Christian Koerbler and Daniel Rodgers made their fifth and third placements on the second team. Junior gold sees Evan Mood making his third All-American team with a spot on the second team, while Steve Huber earns his ninth with a spot on the veteran second team. Emerson (Butch) Bornman Jr. moves up to senior vet to earn his sixth appearance on the second team. Congratulations to all our representatives on the teams.

The PSSA Hall of Fame has also announced the state teams and high average winners for 2017. On the men’s side, Brandon Deal carried the high singles average with .9915. Ian Darroch the high handicap average of .9400 from 27 yards, and Ken Darroch carded the high doubles average of .9713. Ohye-Neilson swept the high ladies’ averages with .9885 in singles, .9204 in handicap and .9602 in doubles.

Men’s team captain is Ian Darroch with a composite average of .9631, edging out his father, Ken Darroch, who had a .9526 average. This was Ian’s eighth and Ken’s 27th placement on a Pennsylvania state team. Other first team members are John Manetta II (six), Donald Schaffer Jr. (11), Joel Etchen (26), Ian Fleming (six), Evan Mood (two), Frank Pascoe (26), Brandon Deal (six), and Don Neilson Jr. (16). Members of the men’s second team are Matt Bozart (four), Steven Miller (four), Ed Drumheller (one), Cody Davis (13), Adam Stefkovich (two), Douglas Worrell (two), James Lechleitner (one), David Darrough (one), and Donald Feeg (eight).

With sweeping the ladies’ high averages, it’s no surprise that Ohye-Neilson captains the ladies’ state team with a composite average of .9564 and her fifth placement on the state team. Filling out the rest of the ladies’ first team are Bethany Breighner (seven), Kim Bateman (13), Robyn Bird (five), Tammy Van Blargen Hensel (15), Linda Loughran (four), Donna Natcher (20), Diane Arner (10), Lisa Long (24) and Susan Owens (eight). Ladies’ second team members are Stephanie Wrisley (one), Genevieve Davis (20), Marcy Plunkett (two), Kelly Huber (two) and Peggy Carney (three).

Luke Cowart claims the junior/sub-junior team captain’s spot with a composite average of .9541 for his third placement. Daniel Rodgers (two), Christian Koerbler (five), Wesley Beaver (two), and Stephen MacNeal (one) complete the first team. Second team placements belong to Jack Noftz (four), Tyler Brown (one), Micah Fmura (two), Ron Ostrowski Jr. (two) and Meghan Darrough (one).

The veteran team members kept everything close throughout the year, and Larry Shade ended up as captain with a .9401 average over Steve Huber’s .9352. This is Larry’s 11th team placement and Steve’s 22nd. Paul Harvey (two), Curtis Paul (two), Jerome Stefkovich (four), Charles Austin (seven), Richard Stefanacci (one), Henry Sproat (two), Regis Hess (nine) and Roger Nee (two) round out the first team. Second team members are Bill Walsh (five), Clayton Hoffman (two), Buster Haragos (one), John Worner (12) and Phil Boinske (11).

The senior veterans also kept it interesting, as Emerson Bornman Jr. earned placement on his 27th Pennsylvania state team with a .9330 average to take the captain’s spot over 10th-year team member Phil Criado’s .9282. Sheldon Hostetter (23), Wilbur Ruhl (11), Steve Fitch (nine), Cecil Castle (two), Jack Jabs (six), Bert Schoonover (three), Mike Poore (eight) and Ralph Challingsworth (13) are all members of the first team and all within two percentage points of each other. Second team members are Frank Legdon (three), Lou Sartoris (five), Niles Oehrli (seven), Bruce Malone (22) and John Cashman (five).

Congratulations to all our Pennsylvania state team members for their consistency across all disciplines throughout the target year.

Finally, I would like to recognize Emerson Bornman Jr. for attaining 500,000 combined registered targets. He joins seven other Pennsylvania shooters in this high-volume club when he finished the 2017 target year with 500,800. The other active Pennsylvania members past a half million are Sheldon Hostetter (879,950), Robert Mitchell (774,400), Jack Deisher (722,050), Tom Ezolt (560,050), Frank Pascoe (551,600), Stanley Borascius (520,700) and Deborah Ohye-Neilson (511,100). It takes a lot of time, money, travel and dedication to attain numbers such as these, so I congratulate you and wish you luck on your next stop at a million!

I apologize if I missed anyone or listed incorrect numbers, and as always, if you have any noteworthy accomplishments or events, please let me know. I can be reached via e-mail at [email protected].

Steve Ross

ATA Alternate Delegate


Rhode Island

Greetings from the Ocean State. At the time I am writing this, we are enjoying some of the best weather of the year with warm days and cool nights, and the foliage in full color.

I would like to start by congratulating the Rhode Island shooters making the 2017 All-American teams. Leading the way is our Lady II champion Sue Smith and her husband Greg Smith in the sub-vet category. The Smiths are a real shooting family, with sons Greg and Jameson competing also. John Federici is on this year’s veteran team with an outstanding finish in the top five. Please remember to congratulate these shooters for their fine performances throughout the target year.

At the Westy Hogans shoot, Federici secured three trophies, including veteran winner in the Event 2 singles, Event 4 doubles and the all-around.

During the Northeastern Grand, our state was well represented on the leader board. Federici led the way, winning the Doubles Championship with 99 and a three-round shootoff over two others. John went on to capture eight more awards in the veteran category. Greg Smith was singles champion in Event 4, sub-vet singles champion in Event 12 and Class AA HOA winner. Ken Hopkins was our Class D singles champion in Event 4, and he won D all-around. ATA Past President Wayne Morris won D singles in Event 7.

Federici was winner of four trophies at the Dixie Grand in Bostic, NC, including Events 2 and 8 veteran handicap runnerup and Events 5 and 7 veteran doubles runnerup and champion, respectively.

I want to congratulate the folks of NC on their first Dixie Grand. The facility was outstanding, with beautiful weather and lots of Southern hospitality. I couldn’t have felt more welcome, and the targets, background and efficiency of which the shoot was run was right on target. Well done!

Dates for the winter leagues at Narragansett GC and Wallum Lake R&GC are set, so I hope to see you all on the fields enjoying these programs. A special thanks to all the folks that take the time to run these events for us, so let’s make every effort to get out and support them.

Our annual awards banquet and election of officers will be Jan. 27 at Macera’s Italian Restaurant, Cranston. Please save the date for this night of great food and a fun time had by all. You will receive invitations by mail as the date approaches. If there is anything you would like me to report, please contact me at [email protected] or my cell 401-474-0142.

Louis DiPrete

ATA Delegate


Southern Zone


This is December, and trapshooting in Florida is in full swing. Merry Christmas, everyone. I have some Milestones to report on this month. Up first is a certificate and pin for 25K registered singles; congratulations to Matthew DeBord. Next is for 25K registered handicap, congratulations to Lewis Knack Jr. For 50K registered doubles, congratulations to Jim Godez. Very nice achievement by all.

FTA shoot cards have been distributed to all Florida clubs that shoot registered targets. If you don’t see them, just go on the FTA website and download one for yourself. From what I see, nearly every trapshooting club in Florida will have at least one registered shoot. Clubs holding registered shoots this month: Silver Dollar, Volusia Co., Robinson Ranch, Sarasota, Indian River, Tallahassee, Flagler, South Florida, Hurlburt, Gulf Coast Clays, Imperial Polk Co. and Markham Park. So get out and support these clubs while getting some registered targets in for this target year’s championship shoots.

On Nov. 18 the Florida Wildlife Commission had a ribbon-cutting ceremony opening the new Triple N Ranch shooting range in Osceola County. The FWC range is located east of St. Cloud off U.S. 192. It offers pistol, rifle, 5-stand and a 15-station sporting clays course. As of this writing I haven’t been there, but look for more about this new shooting range in the next issue or visit the FWC website now.

Update on the Palm Beach Shooting Complex under construction shows that Phase 1 is complete, and construction will begin on Phase 2 as soon as bids are awarded. Look for more information on this huge multi-million dollar complex by going on the FWC website. There you can see aerial photos, as pictures are sometimes worth a thousand words.

For those who missed my report on the newly constructed million-dollar shooting facility on the central east coast, just go online and visit the Indian River Co. Shooting Range. This is a county range and offers pistol, rifle, bow and arrow, skeet, trap, 5-stand, sporting clays, and a fishing pond. When I shot there, I was amazed at how close to Interstate 95 the range is located. It’s just very convenient for shooters to exit the Interstate and go less than one mile to this nicely laid-out range.

Now is the time to visit the Silver Dollar website and read about the $30,000 added money that is going to be awarded in the Silver Dollar Open Money Shoot Jan. 24-28. The shoot program is downloadable, and you may want to share with some of your trapshooting friends and get everyone together to attend this outstanding shoot. While on the Silver Dollar website, if you need lodging, just click on your favorite hotel, as the Silver Dollar has negotiated the best rates for you.

The weekend before, on Jan. 19-21, the FTA conducts their FTA Hall of Fame Shoot. For Florida shooters, it is an opportunity to shoot registered targets and honor those being inducted into the FTA Hall of Fame. Look for the program on the FTA website.

Any news for Florida trapshooting, please contact me at [email protected] or 321-427-6553.

           Larry Grenevicki

           ATA Delegate



I just got back from the Rebel Yell Open at the Dixie TC outside of Montgomery, and, as usual, Bill Parson, Tim Hall, Fred Jenson and crew put on a great weekend of shooting. Georgia was well represented with some outstanding performances. In the opening 200 singles, Mike Bolling took veteran with a 197, and Mike Wasielewski captured senior vet with 195. Also in the singles, Sam Lamont, Mike Reed and I tied Kolton Robinson for Class A, but alas, Kolton won the shootoff. It is tough to beat young eyes in the twilight. In the Event 2 handicap, Russell Nuti fired a 92 to take the 25-26 yardage group, while Boone Butler took back-fence honors with 90. Bolling garnered the veteran category with a 91. In the doubles, Reed and I took B and A classes, respectively, with a pair of 89s in breezy conditions. Boone Butler won the closing Handicap Championship with 188 and finished with Class A HOA. Great shooting, Boone. Bolling took the veteran category with 178, while Wasielewski finished the weekend with senior veteran HOA. Great representation, guys!

Attending the first Dixie Grand held at the North Carolina Homegrounds in Bostic was a wonderful experience. Early fall in that part of the country is spectacular. Marty Hill and his group put on an outstanding shoot in their maiden attempt. Job well done! We had 29 Georgia shooters in attendance and performing well. We had 10 shooters who collected a cumulative 29 trophies: Jerry Osborne (six), Gary Blair (four), Bruce Swinsky (two), Col. Mike Bolling (two), Rich Griffith (two), Al Kent, Ray Grimes, Luther Moody, Sam Weil and Joe Doris. Gary Blair took all-around and HOA for the chair group, while Jerry Osborne grabbed junior HOA with 928.

I would like to congratulate Gary Blair and Jerry (J. T.) Osborne III for earning positions on the 2018 ATA All-American teams. This accomplishment is something to which we all aspire, whether we admit it or not. This year is the second time J. T. has made the team. To both of you, well deserved.

           Richard Griffith

           ATA Delegate



Kentucky trapshooters attending the Missouri Fall Handicap did very well. Keith Ditto, Kevin (Tank) Polson and Donnie Sherrard finished one-two-three in the HOA. They were followed closely by Clayborn Hunter, who topped the senior veteran category. Edward Harris was the Class B winner, with William Newland, Vernon Engle Jr. and Jack Fitch finishing very high in the HOA. Keith also won the all-around with 392; Donnie Sherrard was third with 389, and Tank fifth with 387.

Kentuckians were well represented at the Dixie Grand, with Aaron Willoughby finishing second in the HOA with 953, followed closely by Robert Dyer, who came in sixth with 947. Melissa Tracy topped the Lady I competitors with 937, with Michael Castle and Dan Ryan following closely with 932 and 931, respectively. Drew Wyatt led the field of sub-junior competitors with 927. Bradley Jones and David Riddle finished very high in the field as well.

Dyer led the entire field in the all-around with 392; Willoughby followed closely in fifth with 388. Melissa Tracy and Drew Wyatt led their categories, with both notching 384s. Ryan’s 382 followed closely.

If you have news about trapshooting in Kentucky or other news you feel is appropriate to share, please send it to me at [email protected] or call 270-227-2262. Until next month, wishing everyone good health and many smoked targets.

Vernon R. Anderson

KTL board member



As I am writing this, south Mississippi and north Mississippi are experiencing absolutely beautiful fall weather—great for shooting!

At the Grand, I was impressed by the level of family participation by members from Mississippi. For instance, Kent, Andrew and Karla Lacina. Kent’s father Larry Lacina was a former Delegate and president of the Nebraska state association. The Wilson family, Kim and his daughter Stephanie, are from the Gulf Coast. Both families placed very well during Grand Week. I think family is an excellent way for ATA and local trap clubs to grow.

Wishing all a merry Christmas! May we all be thankful to have this wonderful hobby and the community of friendships it has helped us create!

Lenny Sawyer

ATA Delegate


North Carolina

What a great year for the North Carolina Trapshooting Association! All the shoots at our homegrounds in Bostic, NC, were very successful: the Dogwood Open, the NC State Shoot, the Southern Zone Shoot, the NCTA Hall of Fame Shoot and the newly located Dixie Grand American!

The Dixie Grand was, by all measures, a complete success. We had great weather all week, and even though we got a few sprinkles of rain on Sunday, all events finished on time. Comments from the shooters were all positive, and the most common one was, “I’m coming back next year and bringing my friends!” We are hoping to add two and possibly three more fields to the homegrounds this year so we can better serve the shooters at the 2018 Dixie Grand. Our target-setting committee did an outstanding job, and there were virtually no complaints about presentation. Marty Hill, the NCTA Board of Directors and the volunteers who helped run the shoot were simply amazing. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the sport.

By the time you read this, we’ll be approaching the holiday season. With that in mind, I’d like to wish you all a blessed and merry Christmas and a happy New Year filled with good health and lots of broken targets and good scores!

I can be reached at 828-693-3833.

Bob Schultz

ATA Delegate


South Carolina

If you missed the Dixie Grand at the homegrounds at Bostic, NC, you missed a great shoot. Weather was perfect until Sunday; cool mornings then warm afternoons. Sunday was cloudy, then eventually we shot in rain. Handicap scores were down for most shooters. South Carolina was well represented with 47 shooters, second only to North Carolina. We had quite a good number of winners: Tammie Wilkins, Randy Knight, John Sandell, Teresa Knight, Ed Clarke, Gary Olson, Jim Faber, Michael Szotkiewicz, Frank Ketron, Gary Ferguson and Rodney Raines. If you didn’t make it this year, you definitely need to put this shoot on your schedule next year.

We have a new first-time 100 straight shooter; Tyler Morris broke them all Oct. 14 at Partridge Creek.

I am wishing everyone a very merry Christmas and a great New Year. I hope Santa is really good to you (several flats of shells or a new trap gun?).

Jim Faber

ATA Delegate



The Dixie Grand in Bostic, NC, was a huge success. Tennessee had 71 shooters there, with the following winning trophies: Chandler Hinson, Hunter Morton, Chase Kopeck, Brooke Barnett, Jonah Wyatt, George Reese, Kenneth Detherage, Edward Thomas, Troy Seiber, Joseph Trujillo, Herman Chandley, Walter Kern, Mark Cantrell, Gage Jernigan, Lance Shake and yours truly. Be sure to put this shoot on your bucket list. Next year’s dates are Oct. 2-7.

Tennessee is well represented on the All-American team this year with 13 members: Amy Dement, Brooke Barnett, Savanna Brock, Caleb Clayton, Hunter Morton, Hayden Jacobs, Dillon Tosh, Hunter Satterfield, Garrett Sweeney, Chandler Brown, Hayden Zeigler, Chase Kobeck and George Reese. Congratulations to all.

Congratulations also to Mike McClearen for his first 100 straight in singles Oct. 12 at Henderson. I was lucky enough to be shooting on the squad with him.

Read the Rulebook, please.

Check out our website at for more info. For questions or further information, contact me at [email protected] or 731-217-9957.

Billy Cook

ATA Delegate


Southwestern Zone


Check with your clubs for turkey shoot dates and winter leagues. It’s a good way to keep in touch with shooting and your shooting friends during the winter months.

I would like to congratulate the All-American team for 2017. It takes a lot of commitment and good shooting to achieve this great honor. Colorado had its share this year: men’s team, Denis Bringelson and Scott Obenchain; Lady I, Stacy Rehor and Janessa Beaman; veteran, Ray Stafford. Good shooting!

At our local level, St. Mary’s High School shooting team has teamed up with the SCTP program at the Pikes Peak GC. They are hoping to get trapshooting sanctioned with the high school activities association. They had 14 kids at the October ATA shoot. It is good to see all those kids out shooting.

If there is anything going on at your club you would like to put out there for people to read, drop me a line at [email protected].

Dan Treat

ATA Delagate



Most registered shoots in Kansas have ended for the calendar year, but our local gun clubs are still open for league shooting and practice. This is a perfect time to work on all of those pet projects you have been thinking about. New guns and modifications, changes in shells or reloads, or even different shooting styles are just some of the things you could be working on before spring. For those fortunate enough to have time to travel, many shoots are still going on in other parts of the country. Arizona will be having the Spring Grand, Florida the Southern and Texas the Southwestern, just to mention some of the larger ones.

The ATA All-American teams have just been announced, and Kansas has again been well represented by our state shooters. Leading off is “The Captain” Harlan Campbell Jr. This marks the 12th time he has been honored as team captain. What a fine representative for our state and our Kansas Trapshooting Association. Additional shooters making the teams this year are Rob Taylor, men’s second; Rowdy Snook, junior second; Greg Hissem and Kenneth Johnston, veteran second; and Rich L. McAllaster, senior veteran second. Congratulations to all on their accomplishments this past target year.

As you start your planning for the upcoming calendar year, keep the following dates in mind. The KTA will have registered shoots at our homegrounds April 27-29 (Spring Handicap), June 4-10 (state shoot), July 20-22 (Summer Handicap), Aug. 24-26 (Hall of Fame Shoot) and Sept. 28-30 (Fall Handicap). A more complete listing of registered shoots in Kansas can be located in Trap & Field Magazine.

Two new gun clubs in Kansas have been certified for registered shooting during this year. La Crosse GC (Rush County) and Fairgrounds GC (Wyandotte County) will soon be holding registered shoots. Fairgrounds GC has already scheduled three registered shoots for next year, including the eastern zone shoot in September. Please try to support these new gun clubs as they join the KTA family.

The ATA has an updated Rulebook, which can be located on the ATA website ( Please pick up a copy and learn the rules. If you have questions, ask about them. Each year shooters have problems which could be avoided with an understanding of our Rulebook.

If you have items you would like to see in Trap & Field, please let me know. You can reach me at [email protected] or 785-565-8282. I hope to see all of you at shoots this coming year.

David Rhoads

ATA Delegate


New Mexico

Alamogordo had a shoot Oct. 7-8. Tyler Jensen ran his first 100 in singles on Saturday and backed it up with a 100 on Sunday. Way to go, Tyler!

Hobbs had their annual Oct. 20-22 and had its biggest turnout ever, with 49 singles shooters on Saturday. Mackenzie Perkins and Esther Woods tied with 165 for women’s. After a three-round shootoff, Mackenzie won. Sunday had 38 doubles shooters, and there were 39 handicap shooters.

I would to congratulate our state team winners: First team—captain Britt Dalton; Randy Chrobocinski; Cory Dalton; James Powers; Tyler Jensen; Mackenzie Perkins, women’s; Carson Holt, junior; Dudley Clark, veteran; Joe Whitehurst, senior vet. Second team—David Piancino; Jimmy Kennedy; Joel Schram; Dennis Martinez; H. Farley Jr.; Vicky Schram, women’s; Lane Klohn, junior; Jerry Wright, veteran; Eddie Nichols, senior vet. There were no qualifiers in sub-junior.

Great shooting, y’all. The season in New Mexico is over until March.

Bob Leibel

ATA Delegate



After a week of rain every day, the clouds parted and the sun came out for Shawnee Twin Lakes’ Oct. 1 shoot. After this the shooters were ready to get out and break some targets. Robert Rimer won the doubles with 96. Kenneth Green broke 97 to win the singles. Tim Mount and Terry Johnson broke 91s for the high handicap scores. Terry won champion, and Tim took short-yardage with a coin flip.

Wayne Loyd and Lowell Leach broke 48s to win Ada’s Tuesday evening shoot on Oct. 3. These two are 82 years old.

Duncan GC had over 100 young 4-H shooters at the Oct. 7 shoot. Mike Cook said they ran all four traps. Everything went well, finishing by 2 p.m.

Sayre GC has offically changed hands, and their plan is to start out by shooting Big 50s in the future. Larry Parsons was able to get the club certified several years ago, when he was Oklahoma ATA Delegate.

National Trapshooting Day at the OTSA SP was very well attended, with 54 shooters on Sunday. Saturday was preliminary day with 200 doubles, 100 singles and 100 handicap. Colt Quisenberry broke 191 for the high doubles score. Mike Grove won the singles with 99 and the handicap with another 99 from the 27-yard line. Colt tied Mike’s 99 in singles and by reverse score won AA. Colt also won long-yardage handicap with 94. Rose Shaffer won the champion NTD buckle with the only 100 straight in singles. Pat Stacey was next with 99, winning the AA NTD buckle. Breaking 98s were Colt, Mike, Bill Dean, Rex McCombs, Charles LeadingFox, Rick Bliss, Daniel Shoaf, Jack Murphy and Samuel Wagar. First-time shooter Julia Shoaf won the Lady I buckle. Zachary Piancino won the handicap champion buckle with 98. Tim Mount won the short-yardage NTD buckle with 94. Mid-yardage 22-23 was won by Daniel Shoaf with 96, 24-25 went to Brian Northup with 94. Long-yardage was won by Charles LeadingFox with 93. Colt won junior with 96, and the half-yard he earned moved him to the 27-yard line for the first time. Ken Isenberg won the doubles champion buckle with 95. Pat Stacey was next, winning the AA buckle with 94. Trap & Field will have the full write-up with all the winners.

Mike Grove won Ada’s Tuesday evening shoot with 49, and the target he missed was in singles. About a month ago Mike told me he was going to work on his handicap this year. It looks like he has done that with 99 at the NTD Handicap and 25 straight at Ada’s shoot. Good going, Mike, and keep it up. When you are on the 27-yard line, you can earn all the yardage you want.

After a very serious heart attack last year, Joe Medlock is back shooting some and broke 47 at the Ada shoot.

Duncan GC held the Ronney Koch Memorial and annual fish fry Oct. 15. It was cool with a north wind that affected the targets all day. They had a good turnout of us AAA eaters. Carolyn and her mother Patsy Koch were there and visited with everyone. The shoot ran very well in spite of a broken on/off voice pull switch on Trap 3. They put their best puller to work there, and the shoot rolled on without a problem. They started cooking fish early, and it was ready when shooters came off the 16-yard line. With fish, hushpuppies, coleslaw, beans, tea and cobbler, you could not want a better meal. There was plenty for everyone, and they even sent some home with shooters. Daniel Shoaf won the singles with 97. Duane Steinly was the high handicap shooter with 90. Mike Cook won short-yardage, David Kay from Texas won mid-yardage, and Ken Isenberg won long-yardage. In the doubles Mike Grove and Isenberg’s 94s were high.

Several shooters have reached milestones. Joe Anglin, Al Haws and Bennie Livingston all have shot 25,000 singles. Rick Bliss has shot 50,000 handicap. Mike Whitaker reached the 27-yard line Aug. 3 at the Grand.

Oklahoma attendance at the Grand from 2014 to 2017 has been consistent with 53, 50, 53 and 50. Oklahoma has six All-American shooters this year: Pat Stacey, Shelby Skaggs, Rose Shaffer, Corbin Grybowski, Ron Bliss and Robert Rimer. This was Bliss’ and Rimer’s first time to be All-Americans. The October issue of Trap & Field has pictures of Brayden Bliss, B champion, on Page 4; Clay Laughlin, B All-Around, on Page 8; and Ron Bliss, sub-vet runnerup, Page 26. Congratulations to all. Also, Page 29, the All-Around leaders listing has nine Oklahoma shooters. On Page 36’s HOA listing, there are 10 Oklahoma shooters.

Ada’s Tuesday evening shoot Oct. 17 was won by Ryan York and Lowell Leach with 46s.

The OTSA SP was hit by 70- to 80-mph winds Oct. 13 that blew over two semi trailers with four pallets of targets in them. Sixty-three barrels were blown out from under their hangers and scattered everywhere. A safety fence that was cemented in was blown over also. Brian held a board meeting Oct. 18 to assess the damage and form a plan. John Ewing was already there working to salvage what targets he could.

The fall Oklahoma 4-H Shoot was held Oct. 21 at the OTSA SP, with 271 boys and girls competing. Shooting was over by 3 p.m., and presentation of awards began. Top female was Abagail Colton from Harper County with 47. Top male was Nathan Beagle from Pawnee County with 50. Brian Northup presented them OTSA buckles also.

Four more soldiers in Afghanistan, a policeman in Louisiana, and a campus policeman in Texas lost their lives defending us last month. Keep all the defendeers of our freedom in your prayers and support them.

           Tim Deister

           ATA Delegate



Princess and I hope each of you has a glorious Christmas. Please remember our military that gives up their time with family and friends to defend our great nation. Also keep our first responders in your prayers. Many times they do not get to spend Christmas with their families. As always, remember the reason for the season. It is Christmas to me and always will be.

Texas had 12 shooters on the ATA All-American team. Congratulations to the following shooters: Dalton Jennings, Jennifer Wilburn, Joneel Harris, Jerri Webb, Palmer Duke, Patrick Hopson, Troy Collier, Joe Altom, Marvin Allbright, Larry Tagtmeyer, Charlie W. Long and Gary Sherrod. Thanks to each of you for representing Texas so well.

I don’t have a lot of news to report, and what I have I got from Facebook. Two of our Texas shooters reached Milestones in their shooting this month. Sterling Rich shot at and broke his 100,000th singles target at Metro GC. Also, Billy Hopson moved to the 27-yard line at the Bair Hatcher Shoot in Ft. Worth. You gentlemen deserve a big round of applause.

I know I preach all the time about reading the Rulebook. It’s very important that every shooter know the rules. Don’t put undue pressure on the person scoring—so many of them are not shooters and know very little about the rules. I know gun clubs should educate the scorers, but many times that doesn’t happen. You are the shooter, and you should know the rules. If there ever is a question about rules while you are on the firing line and you are not sure, stop the squad and get a referee. Don’t fire another shot until all questions are resolved.

The doubles misfire rule (in its simplified version) is on the ATA website. I try to always have some copies of that rule with me. Please ask if you want one. The one rule that I see being abused more now is when a squad first goes to the firing line. The squad leader may call for and see only one target (one pair in doubles) before shooting begins on that trap. The exception to that is if the target was not a legal target; then the squad leader may ask to see another until a legal target is thrown.

Princess and I will be heading to El Paso next week to attend the Zone II shoot. It’s too late for this year, but you should make your plans to go next year. The people there put on a great shoot and treat you like family. There is a great bunch of volunteers there. And did I mention the food—wow! I will gain a few pounds, I’m sure.

If you have news, please let Princess or me know about it. You can e-mail it to me at [email protected] or call me at 806-679-6889. Til next time, y’all shoot well, y’all shoot often, and y’all have a great time.

Jerry O’Connor

ATA Delegate